rotozip rotosaw

As my crafts get bigger and bolder, I've been breaking into Nate's tool selection a lot (much to his severe annoyance as I never put anything back in the right place). One of my favorite crafting tools is the RotoSaw, traditionally used for household tasks like adding electrical outlets and cutting cabinets or tile. I like to use it for wood crafts and carved watermelons and pumpkins.

Carved Watermelon Fruit Basket

Nate was exceptionally weary of my genius carved watermelon idea, since apparently watery fruit + power tools don't usually mix well. I took care to hollow out the watermelon before I carved it and then wore protective gloves.

how to carve a watermelon

Carved Watermelon

I taped off a basket shape on the watermelon with painter's tape, and then cut out the triangles on each side with a kitchen knife, leaving the handle area intact.

hollowed watermelon

I emptied out the insides of the carved watermelon (saving the fruit, of course) with a melon baller, then set the watermelon out in the sun for several hours to dry out.


Carved Watermelon Fruit Basket

Using the RotoSaw, I carved decorative designs into the skin of the watermelon. We went with stars to be festive since 4th of July is coming up. It takes a little practice to consistently make straight lines with the RotoSaw, but I've gotten to the point where I can pretty easily freehand all sorts of shapes.

Carved Watermelon

Using a kitchen knife, I cut points into the basket section of the watermelon.

Carved Watermelon Fruit Basket with blueberries and respberries

Filled it back up with the fruit and some blueberries and raspberries. Voila!

Carved Watermelon designes

watermelon shapes

I even used a star-shaped cookie cutter on some of the larger watermelon chunks to be extra festive.