Nothing to Shrug At

VW Atlas
It’s a great big world out there. And it doesn’t seem to get ANY bigger than when you visit Texas. A simple drive across the limestone and cattle-laden state seems to take days. In some cases, it actually does. If driving 'cross Texas' immense landscape doesn't send home the feeling of sheer insignificance of oneself in the vastness of this world, looking up at the wide open sky just might.

Seize an Epic Journey to the Happy Joy Zone

10 Surprisingly-Awesome Outdoor Play Spots in Your Town
We've been trying to explore more local spots this year. Everything from neighborhood cafes to tidepools are on our radar. People often email and say how much fun life looks here in San Diego and it got me thinking. Yes, San Diego is AWESOME, but fun isn't necessarily based on location. I think it's a matter of being determined to get our family out and about, in any way we possibly can. So I decided to round up the best outdoor play spots that can be found in just about any town!

Sounds and Smells of Spring

Washing up at camp
The light of new life radiates throughout the land. Our eyes have cracked to the dawn of spring and we take our first deep breaths of the year's first season. The grass is growing as quickly as it can, the flowers are blooming for the bees, and the trees are reaching for the sky with new outstretched branches. All that hid itself away for winter has returned.

Downtown Las Vegas with Kids

Downtown Las Vegas. Las Vegas with kids. Some would say that this whole combination of words is a little off-kilter, so let me clarify how it all comes together. "The Strip" isn't all there is to Las Vegas. No, this neon jungle actually has a whole other historic...

5 Tips for Visiting the Point Loma Tide Pools with Kids

Point Loma Tidepools with kidsvideo
The Point Loma tide pools have been on our San Diego bucket list for a good five or six years, and I am SO happy that we finally made the trip. We were worried that the rocks would be too slippery or the tide wouldn't be...

Three Days in Scotland

Three days in Scotland
I shared a little bit about our Europe trip in our post about what to do with 36 hours in London, but there's a whole lot more to Europe than that! After hitting the highlights in the city of Burberry, we rented a car...

24 Hours in Kansas City

Kansas City College Basketball Experience
Another whirlwind trip! I loved sharing some quick stopovers we did in Atlanta and London and New Orleans, so here's another one featuring all the best and brightest sights of Kansas City. Whether you have a long layover or just a quick weekend, you can totally squeeze in a bit of good...

Kids in the Stratosphere

It's almost New Year's Eve and while Nate and I are hunkered down at home with a new baby, a ton of our friends are in Vegas with their families. My grandpa moved to the city a couple years back, so we've spent a...

Extremely Awesome Family Camping

Extremely awesome family camping.
Scratching, bashing, dropping, and crashing. These are just parts of the life of boys. Very little is held in stasis and even less is left unscathed. Unless you plan to live in a monastery, it’s only natural. It’s all part of the learning process. One...

Top 10 Knott’s Halloween Traditions for Kids

Toddler looking at a spooky pumpkin.
The whole "having a baby" thing looks like it may put a slight damper on Halloween this year. Little dude's expected to arrive as early as next week, which means I'll have one more reason to celebrate my favorite season! In the meantime, I...