36 Hours in Fort Myers with Kids

Now that I've shared the wonderful world of shelling with you all, I'm eager to dive into the vast list of other things that there are to do if you find yourself with a quick weekend to spend in Fort Myers, Florida.Dive in. See what I did there?

Satellite TV Here, There, Middle of Nowhere

Satellite TV on the go
Since we live in the boondocks (Nate hates it when I say that) and travel a bunch, readers often ask about our TV situation. Do we have cable? Subscriptions? How on earth do we keep up with shows? These are the important, nitty-gritty day-to-day details that everyone wants to know.

An Impromptu Adventure

_Impromptu adventure_featured-9
A father is so many things. A teacher, friend, chef, adventurer, basic problem solver, advanced problem solver, self-defense instructor, scary movie scene blinder, scientist, disciplinarian, friend, snuggle buddy and on and on. I had no idea when I became a father I would suddenly be thrust into this never ending world of roles. When I was single, or at the most 'just married,' there was just me.

Sea Shelling 101 (By the Sea Shore!)

Shelling 101
When I was a kid growing up along the coast of Washington, I'd walk down to the coastline to go shelling at the beach and repeat to myself over and over again, "She sells sea shells by the sea shore." I learned this little diddy from my stepmom and I thought it was SO clever. Not even kidding, I had visions of myself collecting all the shells and opening up shop, making some sort of jewelry out of it all and eventually saving enough money to escape our tiny island.

What’s in our Camping Diaper Bag

camping diaper bag | family camping | camping with kids
It's that time again. Our youngest baby is now six months old, and we're slowly getting back into adventure mode. This time we're doing it with 4 boys ages 6 and under. People constantly ask how we manage it, what's in our diaper bag, aren't I tired, and so on and so forth.

Welcome to Joshua Tree, Man

I've always had this vision in my mind of Joshua Tree as a warm place, both in temperature and in spirit. A place filled with tie dye and wildflowers, late night bonfires and wide-smiling travelers whose well-worn shoes skip from rock-to-rock beneath waving arms and billowing braids.That picture in my mind was spot-on.

The Day I Met my Maker

A few weeks ago, our partners BFGoodrich called me on the phone and asked if I would be willing to go to the Mint 400 in Las Vegas to help with some content and coverage. I told them I would have to think about it and would get back to them in the coming weeks when I got a chance.In reality, the echoing hiss of my “s” at the tail end of my yes was already fading over the phone before they finished the question or even told me entirely what I would be doing.

Pioneering a Spirit of Adventure

I consider myself to be the pioneer of my children's minds. Their mom plays a role, obviously, but as their dad I'm tasked with a few extra-fun things like introducing them to ice fishing and teaching them how to wield a drill and explaining how to keep their elbows in and head down when throwing that good ol' fashioned night night blow. "Jump like a grasshopper and bite like a beaver," I always say.

Nothing to Shrug At

VW Atlas
It’s a great big world out there. And it doesn’t seem to get ANY bigger than when you visit Texas. A simple drive across the limestone and cattle-laden state seems to take days. In some cases, it actually does. If driving 'cross Texas' immense landscape doesn't send home the feeling of sheer insignificance of oneself in the vastness of this world, looking up at the wide open sky just might.

Seize an Epic Journey to the Happy Joy Zone

10 Surprisingly-Awesome Outdoor Play Spots in Your Town
We've been trying to explore more local spots this year. Everything from neighborhood cafes to tidepools are on our radar. People often email and say how much fun life looks here in San Diego and it got me thinking. Yes, San Diego is AWESOME, but fun isn't necessarily based on location. I think it's a matter of being determined to get our family out and about, in any way we possibly can. So I decided to round up the best outdoor play spots that can be found in just about any town!