Every family has a story to tell. Welcome to ours.

Full Steam Ahead Printable Coloring Valentines

Lots of schools aren't allowing candy anymore, but you can still get creative with valentine ideas that offer excitement and fun. My kids have been ALL about coloring books lately, so we were inspired to make printable coloring valentines for their classmates!


It's time for our word of the year! You may recall that Nate and I always pick a word of the year that comes from a bible verse that speaks to us. There's always a specific word or short phrase that jumps out at us, and we usually do a little craft or make a frame to display that passage in our home. We keep it in our hearts to guide our decision-making from month-to-month. This practice has had a massive impact on our lives.

Three Benefits of the Nintendo Switch for Young Children

Nintendo for the whole family
Life is an adventure that is full of many twists, turns, lessons, hardships and joys. Hopefully, the overall net result is something that leaves one satisfied and fulfilled. Some vest their value in family and some find their pursuits aimed at the overall experience. Some seem to wander aimlessly while others are driven toward something great. I went to high school with plenty of aimless wanderers. They bounce off a lot of things.

How to Choose things to Delegate during the Holidays

I'm a BIG proponent of delegation, to the point that several conferences have invited me to speak on the subject. I'm even writing a course about it! My lovely assistant comes to my house to help with studio tasks in-person each week while remote consultants wrap up the digital stuff I need done. It's wonderful. In business, however, there are fairly clear-cut lines between what a manager should do and what someone else should take care of. Delegating domestic stuff is a whole other ball game, especially during this festive season of crafts and gifts and baubles and bows!

Our Second Annual Christmas Pajama Unboxing

That's right, you guys, tis the season for PJs with polar bears and plaid! We've been doing a Christmas pajama unboxing with our family every year, and last year we showed off the holiday tradition on the blog for the first time. This time around we're doing a fun video showcasing some of our favorite cuddly picks for the...

7 Ways to Carve out more Cuddle Time with your Family

Cuddle time
I've always been a rather health-conscious parent, but as my kids get older I'm starting to realize how much emotional health matters, too. These concepts are so intricately-woven. As important as it is to provide their bodies with nutritious food, they also need to be supported with time and patience from their parents. Kids are more willing to try new things when they come from a foundation of security and safety.

10 Family Portrait Tips for Stress-Free Photos that Rock

We recently had family portraits taken by a professional photographer for the first time EVER. We've been in a few brand photoshoots, we've done the self-timer thing plenty of times, and we've enlisted other photographers in our family to snap all of us together for Christmas cards. Never before, though, have we done pictures just for us, taken by someone we didn't know, for no reason other than posterity. It was a nice change of pace, and I picked up some helpful new family portrait tips from the other side of the camera.

A Super-Simple Romantic Tailgate Pizza Date

Pizza date
There are few things that my husband loves more than pizza. I'm pretty sure I'm one of them, and I'm fairly positive his truck is up there on the list as well.

32 Festive Holiday Titles on Amazon FreeTime Unlimited

People often ask how we keep the kids occupied on plane trips or infinite-seeming stretches of road. I do have a magic trick up my sleeve, but it isn't any big secret or surprise. Tablets. We hand the kids tablets. These long travel stretches are the one time they're given total, unbridled (parental pre-screened) access to all the apps and videos their little hearts could desire.

Nintendo Everlasting

Nintendo Everlasting
It’s funny how time flies. Especially when you're having fun. Like smoke through my fingers, though, time just drifts by, ungraspable, with little regard for me or those close to me. It dissipates into the ether. It's something that we barely notice as children, but it becomes all too familiar to us as we age.