Appetizers and Snacks

Easy Dr Pepper Sauce for a Game Day Touchdown!

This is the most magical time of year. Everyone bundles up in their scarves to gather with friends, eat tasty food, and settles in eager anticipation of what's to come. Lots of people call this season "Christmas," but around here we know it as "Bowl Game time."

Mandarin Bruschetta with Prosciutto and Mozzarella

Mandarin Bruschetta
My 6-year-old is quite the little chef, so I often to set aside time to cook up fun creations with him. This is a kid-friendly bruschetta with mozzarella and mandarins! It’s a great way to teach your kids about meshing sweet and savory. I splurged with a little prosciutto on there, too, since his snack time is MY snack...

Bacon Avocado Roll-Ups with Honey Mustard

Bacon Avocado Roll-Ups with Honey Mustard
School is starting back up! For us that means that at about 2pm every Monday through Friday we have a preschooler, transitional kindergartener and a 1st grader all rolling through the door demanding food at once. That and telling the legends of the playground. Very similar to a show involving dragons, armies and intrigue...just smaller.

Sweet Potato Bacon Tots

Sweet potato bacon tots
Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and I can't wait to cook up some goodies for our friends and family! These sweet potato bacon tots have been thoroughly tested in our house lately. I was craving TONS of starchy carbs towards the end of the pregnancy, and I always seem to be hungrier than ever when I start nursing. Sweet potatoes to...

Bacon Avocado Egg Rolls

Bacon avocado egg rolls
On top of being fully-immersed in the holidays, it's also football season right now! We're big on football treats around here, and these bacon avocado egg rolls are one of my favorite game day picks. With just six simple ingredients, these cook up fast and easy in about twenty minutes. Got a last-minute tailgate forming at your place?...

Jack-o-Lantern Fruit Bowls

Jack-o-lantern fruit bowls made with apples and berries. Such a cute Halloween snack!
Double, double, toil and trouble. I made these jack-o-lantern fruit bowls for snack time and the kids are eating up their berries like hungry little goblins! We have been inundated with SO many candy treats lately. I let the boys indulge quite a bit, but I also like to show them how we can create balance with healthier Halloween snacks...

Quick and Easy Gluten-Free Chicken Fingers

Quick and easy gluten-free chicken fingers (made with almond flour with an easy one-to-one substitute option for cassava flour). These have a really slight tang that keeps adults interested and keeps kids drinking up their milk!
We are in full-blown back-to-school mode around here, which means I've been in desperate need of easy dinners and after school snacks. These gluten-free chicken fingers cook up in a flash and they're allergy-friendly, so I can be prepared to feed the whole family in minutes. Everybody wins! This post was sponsored by got milk? and this...

Quick Picnic Recipes (including Dessert!)

Quick picnic recipes (you can grab all the ingredients for an awesome spread in one grocery store stop...including dessert!)
Ready to take advantage of the lovely weather that's slowly making its way into town? Take note of our family's favorite quick picnic recipes to make life a little easier!These have become our go-to picks for when we're around town and decide we want an impromptu spread under an open sky. No muss, no fuss...all of this stuff can be nabbed in one...

Football Pizza Presentation that WINS

Touchdown pizza. This is a super-cute way to serve pizza for a football game - and SOOOO easy!
Everyone's donning their gear for the big game, and I'm over here making football pizza like some sort of Martha Stewart kitchen cheerleader.If there is any way to translate sports into food, you know I'll find it! These quick and easy pizza hacks can help take a frozen pizza and turn it into a cute game day party meal.I've...

White Chocolate Bacon Snack Mix

White chocolate bacon snack mix made with white chocolate-covered pretzels, diced bacon, semi-sweet chocolate chips, peanuts, mini marshmallows...this sweet and salty combo is a HUGE win in my house!
The Super Bowl is coming up and in our house, that means it is time for snack wars. Everybody has their preferred Super Bowl go-to: Nate wants something salty, the kids want something sweet, and I simply require anything and everything covered-in or wrapped-up-with BACON. This white chocolate bacon snack mix is our solution. It has a little bit of everything to...