Grilled Mexican Pizza

grilled mexican pizza
This was one of those concoctions borne of me not knowing what to make for dinner. "What do I have in the fridge?" I contemplated. Grilled chicken breasts, a can of jalapeños, a Pillsbury Pizza Crust. "Yeah, I can work with that." And because I...

Homemade Hot Pockets: Perfect for Valentine’s Day

homemade hot pockets
Have any of you guys watched Jim Gaffigan's stand-up comedy routines? Please say yes. If not, I'm pretty sure we can't be friends anymore...and that would make me sad. He has this hilarious sketch about Hot Pockets that was stuck inside my head the...

Easy Homemade Pizza

easy homemade pizza
We're big pizza connoisseurs in our family. We rarely get take-out, and if we do it's hardly ever from a national chain. Our favorite pizza spot is an hour away - and we make the trip regularly. Some might even call us pizza snobs. I...