Green and Red Summer Sausage Salad

Red and green summer sausage salad (looks festive served at a holiday party, but the recipe works for any time of year)
Tonight is New Year's Eve and I'm more excited for this holiday than I have been in years!Nate and I haven't really celebrated since we had our first kid. For the last five years this day has mostly involved 8pm festivities with a fake Netflix countdown. Man, we sure know how to party like it's preschool! Tonight, we've rented a suite at a...

Parmesan Mustard Zucchini Salad

Parmesan Mustard Zucchini Salad
I've never been huge on zucchini, because the way most people cook it is kinda of blah. People throw it on the barbecue or stick it in the oven and half the time it winds up mushy, watery and limp. Zucchini salad, on the other hand, I can totally get on board with.Fresh shredded zucchini comes together with crisp red...

Ahi Tuna Salad with Avocado-Lime Sauce

ahi tuna salad
I try to make sure our family has salad as a main course at least once a week. When I mention this to friends, they always look at me with surprise because they view us as the "protein people." We're outspoken about Paleo meal planning and we LOVE our barbecue like a third child. But it's not all hamburger...