Savory Tiramisu with Sun-Dried Tomatoes and Basil

Savory tiramisu with sun dried tomatoes and basil.
We're all familiar with the ladyfinger-rum-coffee concoction called tiramisu, but have you ever heard of a savory tiramisu? That's right. Get ready to sink your teeth into this mouth-watering combination of crispy crackers, melting cheese and tangy sun-dried tomatoes. We're working with John Wm. Macy's CheeseSticks, and it occurred to me awhile back that their CheeseCrisps...

Roasted Artichokes Packed Full of Flavor

How to make easy Italian oven-roasted artichokes with three ingredients. Just pour some premade sauce over and cook. The flavors will seep in and the result is WAY better than boiling.
Roasted artichokes are pretty much the best thing ever. The high heat gives them a buttery texture, and the lack of boiling water means that the artichoke is free to retain its rich and nutty flavor. Pull them apart and dip them in mayo or olive oil for a luxuriously indulgent treat.The one and only way that roasted artichokes...

Frozen Cauliflower Rice Cups
I have invented the coolest thing ever. Frozen cauliflower rice cups! Okay...I'm sure I wasn't the first person to ever do this, but I did think of it independently. That's right. This is the culmination of sheer laziness and supreme innovation. A divine marriage between my obsession with muffin tins and my refusal to cook from scratch on a nightly...

Yogurt Cheese (Overnight Recipe)

A Middle-Eastern recipe for yogurt cheese called Labaneh
I made cheese for the very first time, and it could not possibly have been easier! It's a Middle-Eastern yogurt cheese recipe called Labaneh and it is so good. This yogurt cheese finishes up with a tangy, buttery taste and a clay-like texture that reminds me a bit of goat cheese. Yogurt Cheese RecipeLabaneh Yogurt Cheese 3 cups...

So Many Celebrations

Gluten-free carrot apple latkes
October through December is definitely the season of festivity. Parties and celebrations and gift swaps galore! And it seems like everyone has birthdays around this time (nine months before now is Valentine's Day, soooo I guess that makes sense). We even have a couple anniversaries squeezed in for good measure.Last weekend we kicked off the celebrations with Nana and Papa's 50th...

33 Oh-So-Appealing Apple Recipes

33 apple recipes that are sweet, savory, and everything in between
Fall is here, months filled with ghosts and goblins and delicious pumpkin and apple recipes! From sweet, cinnamon-crusted mini pies to savory meat dishes chock full of protein, apple recipes abound for occasions from Halloween to Thanksgiving and on into Christmas and New Years. My favorite apple recipes, though, are the ones made in the early morning just for my...

Homemade Sauerkraut

homemade sauerkraut and Hebrew National hot dogs
If you follow us over on Instagram, you probably saw a few glimpses into our Memorial Day festivities last weekend. We went to the local parade, made homemade sauerkraut and enjoyed some general lounging around together. Nate and I were both able to take off four days in a row and spend real quality time with the family.We live...

Mango Coconut Rice that’s ready in Five Minutes Flat

mango coconut rice in five minutes!
Since I started cutting back on gluten, soy and dairy due to Sidekick's difficulty digesting those things, dinner often has me stumped. Hence the sudden lack of food posts around here lately. We have chicken. A LOT of chicken. And beef. But side dishes can be a bummer. I don't just want to throw fruit or vegetables on a plate, but there's a bit of a learning curve involved in preparing them in interesting ways without adding a lot of processed oils and gluten that I used to rely on to make my meals. This mango coconut rice is a quick and easy side dish that works with my allergen-free dietary needs right now.