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5 Fundamentals for Authentic Travel Blogging

Creating content for travel brands as an influencer.
Last year I wrote a post offering some insights into the difficulties of blogging as a career, and a TON of people asked me to share more about the industry. That's a little ironic since my post pretty much boiled down to me being burned out on the internet noise.Go figure.That was almost a year now, and I still get people asking for my ideas about blogging. I've found ways to be more efficient with my time, scheduling things out and being extremely focused in my efforts, and I'm not quite as overwhelmed. So I guess now is as good a time as ever to kick off a series sharing thoughts on balancing work and biz.

Spring Fashion Fling: California Casual

Spring Fling Shoot
Every spring, we do a photoshoot of the boys together. We take individual shots throughout the year, of course, but it's kind of unusual for us to have all the kids coiffed and napped and fed and in non-meltdown mode at once.And simultaneously wearing pants.So...

My Wife’s $400 Hair Dryer was Totally Worth It

$400 hairdryer | dyson | beauty | hair styling | beauty tips
I should probably preface this post by saying that I am, in fact, a bald man with no use for a hairdryer.And when my wife told me she wanted to spend $400 on one, I insisted that she was on crack.But then, our sponsor...

A Purple Peacock Wedding at Leo Carrillo

Casual mason jar flowers at an outdoor wedding
I was at the most awesome wedding recently. The colors were purple and cream and there were peacocks everywhere.It was held at Leo Carrillo Ranch in Carlsbad, a park that serves as a historic preservation center, lush public garden with walking trails and - yes -...

Bonaparte’s Wi-Fi Solution

A Wi-Fi solution for when the whole family's streaming at once.
The holidays are upon us and that means relatives. It means movies cuddled up by the fire. Unfortunately, it also still means work. The world has changed in so many ways since I was kid, yet it’s still the same old game. We strive to be...

Feeling Beautiful in the Third Trimester

Comfy clothes and a few purse essentials keep me feeling comfy and beautiful in the third trimester!
We are well into the third trimester with baby number four (due in just five or six weeks) and this time around I've been working extremely hard on self-care and self-respect. None of my pregnancies are what you'd describe as "easy," but this one's...

What it looks like to Work from Home on your Dream Gig

What it looks like to work from home on your dream gig.
When people find out I work from home, they frequently ask how I manage it all. Incredulous responses vary from "I'd never want to be isolated, I need the office interaction!" to "How on earth do you keep the kids from interrupting?"The truth is...

Back to School Dad

While we were stocking up for "back to school" for the kids, we took the opportunity to upgrade dad's closet as well! This line of clothes goes from school drop-off to afternoon meetings to a night out without skipping a beat.
It’s that time of year again. Time to wake up at the crack of dawn and prepare school lunches. Time to become the drill instructor of brain soldiers. Time to become the tank commander of school drop-off lines.This is the first year Some Boy...

Cutting the Cord? There IS a Middle Ground

Cutting the cord? Here are your options to ease away from cable while keeping some network programming.
When we bought our home in the boondocks, we knew that certain services would be limited. The nearest grocery store's about half an hour away and cable channels are a no-go unless we want to shell out an absurd amount of money to the monopoly provider in...

Making Hand-Me-Downs Last

Before and after - removing stains from kids' clothing.
I'm not sentimental about much, but hand-me-downs have a weird way of tugging at my heartstrings. We invest in well-made clothing for the boys because it's fun to see them transition through the same outfits. It's also nice to not have to go shopping every five minutes. I get weepy,...