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DIY Wedding Table Numbers

DIY table numbers
Welcome to day two of DIY Wedding Week! We're starting off easy today with DIY table numbers. You may remember seeing similar photo table numbers in our post about Amanda and Ken's wedding. We absolutely fell in love with the idea at their reception, so we hijacked it for our own day!For these, you will need:Childhood photos of...

How to Emboss

how to emboss
I haven't written about wedding planning in awhile, though not because the planning's come to an end. Not even close. Actually, I've been so busy with all this wedding stuff that when I sit down to write a post, the last thing I want to think about is weddings. I'm weddinged-out. I told my caterer today that I want to...

Dear Gucci

gucci rush
I know I'm not the most loyal customer you have. I'm not always the most fashion-forward trendsetter, and I have a tendency to spill spaghetti sauce on the few designer outfits I do own. And I don't like spending a ton of money on clothes since my wonderful fiance occasionally switches the dryer setting to High so that everything...