32 Smart Home Features for an Independent Life

Here in the Day family, I'm always advocating for clever use of resources. Our household duties are often solved with either delegation or automation."Work smarter, not harder" is the driving philosophy around here! Delegating things can be challenging, though, if you're isolated or travel a lot or simply don't want other people mucking around in your house. For seniors and active families, it can be a financial and time burden to manage the comings and goings of helpers. That's when smart home features can step up and hold down the fort to give you the most independent life possible.

The Sonos One Smart Speaker does almost Everything

Sonos One smart speaker
I don't foresee the Sonos One hopping up to wash my dishes anytime soon, but this sexy little number gives every other smart speaker a run for its money. And there's even more capability on the way. The biggest testament to its abilities? It got this husband and wife to agree that it's the best choice in home assistant hardware on the market today.

Moving through a Day on our Small Farm

A day on a small farm
New friends are often fascinated when they find out that we own a small farm. I always feel the need to jump in and clarify, explaining that it really is very small with just a few goats and sheep and chickens. People are still full of questions. "You travel so much, though! And you have four kids! How do you find time to manage it?"

The Most Kickass tip for Making your Small Business Stand Out

Small business stand out
When Nate and I first started the business, the name and branding fell into place easily. Someday I'll Learn began as a personal way for us to keep distant friends and family updated, and every detail of the site grew easily out of our own preferences. There was no pressure to impress anyone or worry about consistency and setting myself apart. The blog world's gotten a bit more cutthroat since then.

This Unexpected Item Gets a Ton of Use on our Farm

Unexpected farm item
It started with one of Some Boy's friends last winter. Poor dude had persistently-chapped lips from all the weird weather and allergens around here, so his buddy gave him a lip balm at school. I'd been using coconut oil on him before he went to bed every night, but he needed more persistent application.

Dress like Lloyd from The LEGO NINJAGO Movie for Halloween

Nate and the boys were invited by Warner Bros. Pictures to go to the Legoland press junket for The LEGO NINJAGO Movie last week. I was up in San Francisco helping my sister move to her new apartment (more on that later) but I had so much fun ogling all their pictures from afar. They got to play around with some Master Builders and meet actors like Dave Franco, Justin Theroux and Michael Peña.

You Let Your Baby Sleep WHERE?

Baby sleeps where
Every time Chelsea and I have a baby, people inevitably ask where the baby's sleeping in relation to us and his brothers. The concept of four kids under six years old IS mind-boggling, sure. The bigger issue people seem to be grappling with, however, is the idea of getting any baby to go from sleeping in the parents' room to sleeping in a room with siblings. So, I'll admit it. Here's our big secret.

8 Delightful Ways to Cool off this Summer

Cool off this summer
One of Nate's cousins works as a pool boy in the summer at that hotel we stayed at last week. It was so cute to watch the boys oooh and aaah over his pool boy skills, following his lead all around the splash area.

The Perfect Spring Shoes for Every Age

The perfect spring shoe for every age
I've admitted to you all in the past that I'm a bit of a perfectionist. That tendency spills over into a LOT of aspects of my life and I actually make a conscious effort to limit my expectations around the cadence of day-to-day life with four small children. When it comes to shopping and products, though, I maintain my dang-near-impossible-to-please attitude. I have certain standards and I'm always on the hunt for the best.

Athleisure, At your Leisure

Athleisure is all the rage right now. Anytime I hear someone mention athleisure, I think of that line at the end of Pride & Prejudice. Mr. Bennett gets good news and urges his wife, "For heaven's sake, send them in. I'm quite at my leisure." It's one of those scenes I could watch ten thousand times because it never fails to make me smile. The twinkle in his eye, that feeling of belonging and peace. That's what leisure really is, isn't it?