Our oldest turned 4 years old last week, and all I could think throughout his birthday party was, “How did this HAPPEN?” I feel like I blinked and we're here. In many ways I still feel utterly clueless and astounded at my own ability to raise children who are decent, respectful, and actually downright amazing human beings.

It seems like a mom with three kids should have it all figured out, right? The truth is that I didn't have an ideal childhood and I've floundered my way through things a bit. My mom taught me the spirit of adventure and innovation and hard work, but there have been some obvious gaps in my knowledge as I strike out to do this family thing my own way.

Fortunately for me, I've discovered that motherhood takes many shapes and forms. It's a work in progress. I don't think that any person is ever really finished receiving mothering. No matter how near or far or involved mom is, we all look for occasional support beyond the woman who raised us. My own progression of motherhood has taken shape under the guidance of numerous people. My reliable community meets varying needs in this journey.

We're working with Hallmark and they've made a series of special cards that speak uniquely to the people in our lives. They help you put your heart on paper for occasions when you want to celebrate someone important with a personal and meaningful message. This Mother's Day, I'm using their cards to thank some of the special people who support my own journey as a parent.

My Special “Mom Relationships”

Celebrating motherhood in progress

The Champion. My friends Heather is a smiling face whenever I need a positive word. For her, I picked out a superhero-themed card that says, “Thank you for always using your powers for good.”  Day or night, Heather always brings goodness.

You bet giraffe! quote

The Nana. The boys' paternal great-grandma (say that three times fast) is goofy and full of spunk. Nana is the shining example of someone who is true to themselves. She instills confidence with her warm attitude, making sure everyone feels included and understood. I picked this hysterical giraffe card for her because she always always laughs at my off-beat jokes. She has also gotten the boys a subscription to a couple adventure magazines, encouraging them to explore wildlife and scenery and all of the funky things in life.


The Comrade. Danielle and I have had parallel career paths and have actually had all our kids around the same time. She is my shoulder to cry on (or jump up and down with!). She gets it, and she always has an answer to my questions or is willing to help me find one. Her card says, “So very loved and admired” because it fits her. Anyone who has ever met Danielle loves her like crazy.


The Oma. Nate's mom burst into my life like a warm hug. She is the mom who bakes cookies and cheers her kids on at every game, with an unrelenting patience and encouraging hand.

Good moms great moms... quote

She is one of the people who taught me a mastery of culinary tools, and one of her favorite pastimes is to cook up new recipes with Some Boy and Sidekick. She also has a sharp wit inherited from Nana, making this one of the best-matched cards I've ever seen.


You can find the perfect card for every mom – from sweet to sassy – at the #PutYourHeartToPaper website. So there's no more need to hand over an awkward sappy card if that's totally not the relationship you have! There's something to fit EVERY personality. Be sure to follow Hallmark on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter for more inspiration.