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You know that expression, “Don't change for the sake of change”? It bugs me. Change is good, and we should embrace it. Change happens as we learn and grow. I see my two-month-old son changing every day and as much as I sometimes feel the urge to resist it, change reminds me to treasure this and live each moment as it happens, because it won't be here again. Change is progress.

change is good

There is a reason I'm ranting. I promise. Yahoo! recently launched a campaign to help raise up to $10,000 for Girls For A Change, a national organization that empowers girls to create change. Girls for a Change helps young women develop a voice, impact their own neighborhood, and realize their full potential in the process. The program connects teen girls with adult women coaches who teach them that they can do anything they set their mind to. I've shared my story in the past and I personally understand how difficult the teenage years can be for girls. I've seen the difference that programs like this make. Mentors can be a valuable helping hand in the lives of young women who don't know how to communicate their struggles and may have a hard time seeing past today. For many of these girls, the idea of change may be the only thing that offers hope for the future.

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