#shop Tyson Chicken Nuggets

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.

Chelsea must be terrified to come into the kitchen when it’s my turn to feed the boys. What type of minefield she must imagine walking through.

Mirriam-Webster – Missile: An object capable of being thrown or projected to strike a distant object.

When she agreed to let me get my dog (now plural dogs) as soon as we bought our house, I told her they were man’s original vacuums. Ah, the look that put on her face. But to tell you the truth, they’re invaluable when it comes to toddlers who somehow learned the definition of “missile” without being able to actually string enough words together to form an audible sentence.

#shop Tyson Chicken Nuggets

Anyway, I find it is really easy to feed Some Boy…as long as I have milk or berries. But those don’t really cover the building blocks my boys need to grow giant and super-gorilla-like. Everyone knows you need protein to grow protein. And, as it turns out, protein equals brain power. I totally didn’t know until I had kids how important protein is for brain development. Now we call protein “brain construction juice power stuff.” Chelsea's boring and still just calls it protein.

Helping children get enough protein with Tyson #shop

As it turns out, it’s not easy getting a two and a half year-old to consume brain construction juice power stuff. I mean, you should have seen the looks of the other restaurant patrons when I handed Some Boy his 20oz steak and a steak knife. Come oooon…how else is he going to cut it? A spoon? Duh!

So after those incidents, I've resorted to a much more economic and pragmatic approach. Nuggets of brain construction juice power stuff. According to the package they are called Tyson Chicken Nuggets.

#shop Tyson Chicken Nuggets

With the Tyson #HungerHeroes program, Tyson Foods will donate a meal (4 ounces of protein) through Champions for Kids for every bag of nuggets sold at Sam's Club through August 31, 2013. Sam's Club is demoing their nuggets this weekend on August 29th, 30th and 31st from 11am-2pm.

Tyson had a big’ol bag of chicken nuggets for sale and while checking them out at Sam's Club we picked up on a major plus point: Tyson is looking out for other kids who need brain construction juice power stuff. Apparently when I buy the bag of brain and grow power for my kids, Tyson gives brain and grow power to some other kid who needs it, too. Now that’s pretty cool. It didn’t even take any effort on my part. I get my nuggets and a hungry kid gets fed, too.

So, all in all, Some Boy gets small perfectly sized and proportioned pieces of meat (protein), another kid gets a meal, and when Some Boy wants to be a jerk and tries to hit dad in the head with a PHAM (poultry highchair to air missile), at least the vacuum (dog) gets a tasty treat.