When I was a kid, I had severe childhood insomnia. I went to doctors, tried all sorts of medication and even saw a therapist for it. I have vivid memories of everything that happened after I was supposed to be asleep: my parents would settle in for a nighttime movie, clinking their spoons against their ice cream bowls. I'd listen from my room as the hours passed, the on-screen plot thickened and drew to a conclusion, the lights went out and the adults went to sleep. The house grew cold, the old wood creaked and I got scared, imagining vampires creeping up the stairs or monsters slinking through the dark. I'd cry loudly and my stepdad would whisper-yell from the next room, “Go back to bed!”

childhood insomnia solution

My Childhood Insomnia Solution

Occasionally, he would be away or distracted with some other project for the night and then it was just me and my mom. She'd always implement what I now think of as the childhood insomnia routine: we'd watch Beaches, start a wood fire and drink chamomile tea. Right about the time Bette Midler starts being a crappy friend (seriously, she bugs the heck out of me in this movie…I will never understand why Marcie Leeds' character doesn't just bop her straight in the nose), my eyelids would droop slowly and I'd fade away on the soft green leather of our oversized couch.

pregnancy insomnia

I mostly outgrew my childhood insomnia, but I still go through bouts of sleeping difficulty. Particularly around pregnancy. Something about having kids throws my hormones totally out of whack and messes with my sleep patterns. I'm left exhausted with a new baby, but hopelessly unable to get any shut-eye in the rare moments that I actually have the chance to sleep (don't worry – I'm pretty sure sleeplessness is just a normal baby thing and they didn't actually inherit my childhood insomnia issues).

sweet dreams chamomile tea

Now, almost 20 years later, I still turn to my trusty old childhood insomnia solution. I pop in a well-worn-in movie, build a fire and drink chamomile tea. My favorite is Sweet Dreams tea from Bigelow (which I make with honey and half and half). My mom always had Bigelow around the house and made a point to tell me the extensive history of the family-owned brand, which began simply with a mother making tea for her friends and family in her own kitchen. The company works with sustainable practices and the simple mission statement, “Do the right thing and good things will follow.” My mom taught me the importance of buying conscientious, high-quality brands – brands with gumption. That's what I think of when I remember my childhood insomnia. It seems like such a little thing, my evening tea, but it brings back memories of cozy nights and meaningful discussions about everything from business practices to family tradition.

sleeping baby

Today, my son cuddles up against me by the fire, a movie droning in the background and a hot cup of tea by our side. It's a little bit of tradition I'm passing on, one I enjoy even if it did take roots in my childhood insomnia. I watch his eyelids lower as he slowly drifts off to sleep.

sleeping mom

And finally, mercifully, so do I.

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