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order those cards. get it done. #WalgreensApp #shop #cbias

So, “the holidays” are a pretty easy time of year. I mean, come on…it’s the one time of year that there is nothing to do. Except sit there. And watch snow fall.

So said the grizzly bear who woke only briefly during his hibernation to do this quick interview I once did.

shopping at Walgreens #WalgreensApp #shop #cbias

If you ask Chelsea, you might get a completely different story. I really don’t need to go into detail because I might get slapped on the back of the head for revealing the truth about her ‘seamless and effortless’ holiday activities.

So this year, to reduce stress, Chelsea put it to me to get certain tasks done which, frankly, I don’t normally consider doing. What task did I get this year? Christmas cards.

Okay…Christmas cards.

Me: “Chelsea, what type of Christmas cards do you want?”
Chelsea: (as she runs around the house looking busy doing I-have-no-idea what) “What?”
Me: “What type of Christmas cards? You know…like, shape?”
Chelsea: (Complete silence and a look which equals “get it done or so help me”)

ordering photos on Walgreens app #WalgreensApp #shop #cbias

So, without even getting up off the couch lest I be given another assignment, I pulled out my iPhone to figure out how to accomplish my Christmas cards task. And then, upon the #WalgreensApp I come. Walgreens Christmas cards, eh? “I know they have the same day photo printing…maybe I can make Christmas photos,” I say to myself.

Merry Christmas on Walgreens app #WalgreensApp #shop #cbias

Turns out they already have a Christmas cards creator thing. Even better, I can pick it up same day while I’m out running other errands. Even better better, I can make the whole card from my phone.

Walgreens Christmas cards #WalgreensApp #shop #cbias

With a tickity tap on their iPhony app, I got the job done, and became a good “hun.”

To Walgreens I’ll go, through the southern California Snow (traffic), and pick up the spoils of my NON STRESSFUL toils.

The cards will be mailed, from me who availed, to family members and friends, all the way to world ends.

Ah, Chelsea is happy, and now I can nappy. A job so well done, Daddy hit a home run.