This is a guest post written by Avalon Communities here in San Diego. Nate and I have been thinking about moving, so we've been checking out many local options, including home rentals and communities like Avalon. Below, they offer some creative ideas for bringing the classic San Diego atmosphere into your home.

The casual, easy coastal lifestyle that attracts so many people to Southern California has paved the way for a design look based in these same ideas. Whether you live in a San Diego apartment or a house right on the beach, the classic San Diego style is easy to adopt and can be implemented on almost any budget. To implement this breezy and clean look use the elements described below and watch your space transform into a beachy retreat.

Color Palette
The easiest way to begin renovating a space is to decide upon a color palette. To pull off the Southern California style, look to tones found in nature and inspired by the beach. Cool sky blues, rocky browns, bright aquas and sandy off-whites all lend themselves to a coastal color scheme. The color palette can end there if you are looking for a tranquil space, or you can add a bright pop of color like the orange of the sun to spice things up a bit. Orange is a great complimentary color to green and is found in many of the flowers found in San Diego like the Bird of Paradise.

Finishes are the materials used to cover the walls, floors and other surfaces in a room. When going for a laid-back style it is important the finishes are easy to care for and are materials found in nature. Whitewashed wood floors, tumbled stone countertops and tiles, canvas fabrics and cotton or sisal rugs are all good choices to create a space for Southern California. No matter what, when making a selection, remember that it should stay in the color scheme you are working with and that the material should easily work for your lifestyle.

San Diego furnishings are oversized, comfortable and should be easy to care for. Slipcovered couches, large wooden trunks and low-sitting accent chairs are all perfect for this style. Imagine choosing furniture for an outdoor space and bringing the quality level up just a notch and you should find the right pieces. Upholstery can be done in broad stripes mimicking a cabana or in tropical prints like you would see on a tourist’s shirt. Adding these fun elements will help you attain that relaxed look.

Accessories add the flair to any space and can help to define a style all on their own. When choosing accessories for your San Diego pad, use objects seen around town and on the beach as wall art or sculptural pieces in your home. If you like an item, you can find a way to incorporate it into your decor. For instance, hang a brightly painted surfboard horizontally over a couch for instant drama and impact. A large piece of driftwood mixed with white pillar candles can make a beautiful centerpiece for the dining room table. Large stones, seashells and pieces of coral make great items to tuck into bookshelves or to display on mantles and coffee tables.

In the end, the most important thing to remember when decorating in the classic Southern California style is that you like the pieces you choose and that you are comfortable in your space. A home should be a reflection of your personal style. If the cool, tranquil beach is your inspiration, your rooms are sure to be a success.

This post is sponsored by Avalon Communities.