I'm all about things that pull double-duty. Makeup that's also sunscreen. Blenders that can create soup. A coconut granita that my children think is dessert, but I know is actually healthy hydration.

kid-friendly coconut granita

That's right. Eat up, kids!

toddler drinking Vita Coco

Living in San Diego, we spend a ton of our time outside in the blazing sun. Nate and I discovered long ago that we need to constantly have hydrating drinks on-hand. Coconut water is a favorite for us, and we've been working with Vita Coco Kids products lately to keep the little guys going. The pouches are super-portable, so I can toss them in my purse. It's nice having a healthy drink that boys enjoy, with far less sugar than most juice or sodas. I love that they feature ingredients I can actually pronounce, and they were handpicked for Target's “Made to Matter” program.

coconut granita made with Vita Coco

On top of recently having discovered soda, Some Boy has been constantly begging for dessert. It's my fault, really, all the pregnancy cravings have brought more indulgent food into the house than usual. I needed to find a good substitute, and I realized that I could totally use our go-to drink to make coconut granitas for the kids.

Fresh, Hydrating Coconut Granitas

Oh-So-Simple Fruity Coconut Granita


  • Vita Coco Kids
  • Fruit as garnish, optional


  • Freeze Vita Coco Kids in a shallow dish overnight.
  • Scrape with a spoon or fork into a bowl.
  • Serve.

coconut granita outdoors

I've seen people whip up coconut granitas using all sorts of ingredients and machines. I say just freeze your kids' drink, scrape it up into a bowl and call it done!

afterschool snack

The boys love my coconut granita after a long day of “lessons.” We've been working on letters and numbers. I pop in some blueberries and cherries for color, and they're smitten with their treat while we listen to the “Vita Coco Kids Family Hits” Pandora Radio Station.

Oh-so-simple coconut granita made with hydrating coconut water

I could totally pass this off as an upscale dessert at my next happy hour event. Maybe even add some pineapple for a piña colada. Vita Coco Kids comes in several flavors, so there's a few different directions I could go with this.

Is it weird that I'm giddy at the thought of serving my kids' drink pouch as a coconut granita to my fancy friends?

Shhhh, it'll be our secret.

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