coffee filter wreath

Last week, I was totally inspired when I saw a wreath made of coffee filters over on Imperfect Nest (a blog that I found at The Sits Girls, a supportive community of bloggers). So I tackled the coffee filter wreath project myself and was thrilled with the results!

To make a coffee filter wreath, you'll need the following materials:
A wreath form (I didn't have this, so I cut out a cardboard circle from a box)
Hot glue or craft glue
Coffee filters
An ornament to hang in the middle, if desired

1. Fold coffee filter into thirds as shown below.

coffee filter wreath fold

2. Glue the pointed end of the coffee filter onto the wreath as shown below.

coffee filter wreath

3. Repeat steps 1 and 2, overlapping each previous coffee filter. Don't feel like you need to cram a whole bunch on there – you can always glue more in later.

4. Glue the ornament string to the back of the wreath so that the ornament hangs down in the center of the wreath.

coffee filter wreath ornament

If I didn't know that this wreath was made out of coffee filters, I really wouldn't be able to tell. Since we have a screen door that we can't put holes into, we hung our coffee filter wreath from a ribbon taped to the top of the screen door. Works like a charm!