coffee obsession

Hello, my name is Chelsea and I have a coffee obsession. I won't quite call it an addiction (denial is a strong force, people), but I do have a dedicated coffee “nook” that speaks for itself. On the bottom shelf is all the whole beans and some tea selections, and on the next shelf sits a variety of flavorings and instant mixes. The top shelf is where I keep my cherished K-cups.

coffee supplies

I have two french presses, a grinder, a phenomenal traditional coffee maker and a K-Cup machine (I actually just replaced my bottom-of-the-line single cup maker with a bonafide Keurig and I will NEVER go back to knockoffs again).

Newman's coffee k-cups

When I'm at home alone and need a quick cup just for me, K-Cups are where it's at. I'm a bit of a coffee snob, so I have a full selection of gourmet K-Cups in a variety of flavors to suit my mood. I recently discovered Cross Country Cafe and started ordering all my K-Cups from them because they have awesome prices, free shipping when you spend over $59, and a weekly “Wacky Wednesday” sale that's a huge hit among us coffee connoisseurs.

K-Cup selection

That top shelf I mentioned earlier? That's reserved for all my K-Cups, because it only makes sense that the premium-level stuff rises to the top. I told you guys, I'm serious about my coffee.

k-cup selection

I recently decided to order some new gourmet flavors from Cross Country Cafe, picking four boxes to find my latest flavor fave in a head-to-head coffee challenge. We're talking fancy stuff here, people. The standard in upscale responsible coffee is Newman's Organic (Nate's favorite), and then there's Tully's Hawaiian (a special nod to my Maui roots since I lived there for a few years asa a kid). I was reallllly pulling for Green Mountain Coffee's deep, dark Sumatran Reserve since it is both organic AND fair trade certified, but at the end of the day I'll admit I tend to select by taste when reaching for my coffee as opposed to what purchase makes me feel most socially responsible. I like that warm and fuzzy “doing good for the world” feeling but at the end of the day, I need to cuddle up with something that goes down smooth.

Wolfgang Puck creme caramel

The winner by a landslide was Wolfgang Pucks' Creme Caramel. I'll be buying this stuff by the cartloads. It's a sweet medium roast with a strong hint of vanilla. Like a really good coffee ice cream in liquid form. This is what I'll be chugging all day long until Seattle's Best decides to distribute their Level 4 Organic Fair Trade goodness in a K-Cup.

Ahem. Any day now.

What's your favorite K-Cup? Get your coffee fix on at Cross Country Cafe, and be sure to check them out on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest!