So, this is what's happening around here nowadays…

kraken with friend

I guess I should back up.

kraken lonely

Poor Kraken was obviously super-lonely. I just don't have the capacity to be feeding a baby, educating a toddler and entertaining a dog. I'm not an acrobat, people, come on.


So Nate went and got a “friend” to keep Kraken company.

bjorne and kraken
Photo captions courtesy of Nate, in case you couldn't tell,

These two are thick as thieves. Seriously. They have a great time rough-housing and both are still shockingly gentle with the kids. They know their boundaries. Nate teaches them well. They are excellent guard dogs while being fiercely loyal to their family.

The terrier is a male named Bjorne. His tail came pre-docked by the family whose litter he came from out here in the country, but we won't be clipping his ears. We just don't see the point, and frankly, he looks scary enough as it is to ward off any would-be creepers who might dare to enter our property. This rambunctious little dude is going to give us a run for our money. He's not even three months old yet and it's obvious he's totally the Alpha in this dynamic duo. You should see what it's like when we get these two together with the two Danes over at Oma and Opa's. Gigantic dog-sized hilarity ensues.