I tweeted a couple days ago about how my beautiful gold duvet cover ended up in the wash with my whites, and quickly went from gold to peach-ish pink. Here’s what it looked like originally:


And after the bleach mistake:

Bleached duvet cover

As opposed to buying a whole new duvet cover (which would be kind of silly since we’re upgrading to a King soon), I attempted to salvage this one with Dylon dark brown permanent fabric dye packets. Dying fabric this big is really difficult, unless you use washing machine dye, which ensures complete and even saturation. We have a brand new washing machine and I’ve been told that some dyes cause lasting stains in the machine, so that wasn’t an option. Instead, I filled a kiddy pool with hot water + a few packets of the fabric dye + salt (not sure why salt is necessary, but that’s what it said on the packets). After mixing this all thoroughly, I stirred my duvet cover and pillow covers in there for about 15 minutes, then stirred intermittently for about 6 hours. The packets say to stir 15 minutes and then intermittently for 45 minutes, but I figured the extra time couldn’t hurt. Here’s the final result:

 Duvet Cover after Fabric Dye

The color’s a little bit mottled in places, but everyone who’s seen it so far says it looks like an intentional pattern. I actually really like it – and it was about time for a change, anyway!