I love the colors of summer in California. Which is a little bit ironic, considering that we're persistently in a drought that causes our greenery to dry up in favor of a brownish hue that has a tendency to ignite and contribute to all the wildfire problems. We live on the edge here in San Diego, constantly between barreling ocean waves and red hot flames.

toddler wearing oversized sunglasses

Nevertheless, our summers are fun and our colors are vibrant. Funky neon sunglasses rest against golden-peachy skin.

painted toenails by the pool

Coral chipping toenails lounge on the water's edge.

sidewalk chalk

Fading sidewalk chalk gives hints of afternoon playtime from days gone by.

bucket with tie dye

Bright orange buckets fill with mysterious tie dye.

happy boy with towel

Pinky lips turn up in fits of giggles.

sunset over the pool

The sky bursts forth with magenta and yellow, western sunsets reflecting in our crystal blue pool. For us, these are the colors of summer. The colors of home.

cleaning the pool
After unexpectedly acquiring a pool with our house purchase two years ago, we've discovered that it's actually not so easy maintaining those pretty blues. We used to have Uncle Brian here to help take care of the water when we'd travel for long stretches, but he moved closer to the coast. Upon returning from our Yellowstone trip, we found ourselves scooping through not-so-pretty colors. Murky green and grey algae took hold, putting a bit of a damper on our usual summer lounging. Fortunately, we were able to whip it back into shape in a flash when we started working with HTH® Pool Care products. Their shock treatment did exactly as promised, shocking things back into balance. They also have a novelty dye specially made to impart a pretty blue color to your pool for parties, making it all picture-perfect.

So I can worry less about color, and focus more on soaking in the really important things about summer, like floaty toys and cheeky dimples.

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