All I want to do right now is eat. It could be because the cooler weather forces me inside this time of year and I have an inherent bear-like need to hibernate, becoming fat and jolly just in time for Christmas. Or it may that the pregnancy hormones are driving ALL my decision-making lately. The really unfortunate thing is that I absolutely do not feel like doing any dishes, and the OBGYN keeps telling me I need to make healthy choices due to the baby's blood sugar and whatnot. It all presents quite the conundrum. How can I satisfy my cravings healthfully without making a mess? The answer: one pot meals.

Comforting one pot paleo meals. Clean eating without a bunch of hassle, using just a skillet or crockpot/slow cooker.

I've rounded up my favorite comforting one pot paleo options from around the web to give you lots of lazy cooking options. Best of all, these won't totally tank your holiday physique. So throw on those fuzzy slippers, kick back and spend all your extra time cuddled up by the fire since you won't be slaving over late-night dishes. Or reward yourself with a one pot paleo dessert (oh yes, I've included a couple of those as well!).

I've been out of the paleo groove lately – and feeling totally sluggish as a result – so I'm hoping to kick things back into high gear after I have this kid. Loading up on a bunch of fresh ingredients for these one pot meals, prepping them ahead of time and plopping them in the freezer should hopefully help me stop all the snacking. I like to do it all in bulk and then thaw, cook and eat. No muss, no fuss, and not many dishes to stress over.

Some of my favorites in this one pot roundup include the kielbasa and cabbage skillet, spaghetti squash and meatballs and skillet chocolate cake. Talk about a one pot slam dunk!