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Our whole lives, Nate and I have kind of circled around military towns. Upon hearing the list of places we've lived, people often ask if we're in the service.

We're not, for the record.

The military passion in our families, however, is rich. Nate's dad has worked on veteran-owned planes, and relatives on both sides have enlisted and supplied the armed forces in various capacities.

More beautiful than silence... quote

Here in San Diego, it's not uncommon to hear military acronyms thrown around in everyday conversation. SOP, 10-4, “copy,” “affirmative.” People live a rough-and-tumble life in this county, hands-on and ready to jump in to their community. Moving here from slightly jaded Los Angeles, I have been absolutely floored to see the level to which people are capable of connecting to the world around them.

More beautiful than silence... quote

Our friends who aren't in the Marine Corps or the Navy serve in other ways. Policing, guarding, protecting. Furthering the interests and the lives of people other than themselves.

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I'm proud to be raising our children in an atmosphere brimming with service. In a community where stepping up, protecting and helping out is a way of life.

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We’ve been working with and watching their unique #WorkforceStories. Through their YouTube videos, I've been showing my boys a behind-the-scenes look at different careers that I want them to learn to appreciate. Teachers, nurses, the armed forces.

The latest profile featured Major William Saint, the commander of the 62nd Weapons of Mass Destruction Civil Support Team for the Louisiana National Guard. He is on Full-Time National Guard duty status, investigating and securing at-risk areas across the US – anything from a chemical leak to a terrorist threat. He commands a team of 22 people who keep us safe at large national events such as the Super Bowl, Indie 500, Mardi Gras and the NBA Final Four. His parents met while his father was serving in the army in Korea, and William now lives with his own wife and four young children. Every single day, he honors the tradition of service.

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