conserving water at home

Nate and I are trying to do a little good and spread awareness about important issues. Today, we wanted to take a hard look at our energy use and learn about conserving water at home.

We found a lot of easy ways to start conserving water at home:

  • We're adjusting our sprinklers so that only the plants and lawn are being watered, not the street or driveway (we've enlisted some help from Opa to take a look at the sprinkler heads and make sure we're using our water properly). We also set the water cycle to run at night, so water doesn't get wasted from evaporation in the middle of the day.
  • Don't leave water running: we do our best to conserve water during household tasks like washing dishes or brushing our teeth, instead of leaving the faucet running the whole time.
  • Running washers only when they're full: we have a LOT of clothes, and we don't need to do laundry more than once per week. It saves a lot of water to run the washer only when it's full. And one of these days, we WILL get a more energy efficient washer than the old leaky one currently sitting in our garage.
  • Shorter showers: this is an easy one for us, since we're always on the go and aren't big on lingering in the bathroom anyway.
  • Using a broom to sweep the driveway, instead of hosing it down.