hanging cornucopia

It's officially December. Time to get your seasonal craft on! I have a tendency to go overboard, decorating other people's homes as well as my own. Why leave homemade gifts for giving just on Christmas? Let's spread the cheer all season long with random crafts of kindness. I like show up at my favorite people's homes and surprise them early in the season. BOOM! You've been Christma-fied, friends.

My latest unsuspecting recipient was my mother-in-law. I made her a hanging cornucopia craft to show my thanks for the kajillion times she's helped me out with the kids, bloggy tasks, wrangling the dogs when we go out of town, bringing me numbing cream after the birth of my first child…all that helpful stuff that in-laws are known for.

What? That's NOT how it usually goes? Huh.

For this cornucopia craft, you'll need:

making a cornucopia from a tree frame

Pull the battery case for the lighted branches through the grapevine tree. You'll want to glue or tie this compartment up against the back of the cornucopia craft so you can operate it without it hanging down awkwardly.

stuffed cornucopia

Wrap the burlap around the cornucopia craft and secure it in place with glue, safety pins or thread. Fill the cornucopia craft with your personal knick knacks.

crafting with craft wire

Bend the craft wire into a fancy shape, attach and hang!

Lighted, hanging cornucopia craft

I stuck my cornucopia craft up against a dark closet door. Coincidentally, the next door down has a wreath I made for Heidi a year ago. I'm craftifying this house, one doorway at a time!

Random Crafts of Kindness

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