country boots

Even before we moved to the country, Nate was always telling me to buy myself a pair of good, solid, country boots. As an Oklahoma boy it's easy for him to run around in his Wranglers and cowboy hat all day. For me though, I just never felt like I deserved to invest in quality stuff. Running errands to Target and cleaning up after a toddler all day doesn't quite call for well-constructed attire, and I felt silly splurging on nice things when I spent most of my day indoors.

My Country Home

my country home

That's all changed, now. I have two and a half acres to care for! Now, I can officially say that I need country boots.

country house

The inside of the house is still somewhat littered with boxes, but the outside is looking fantastic. We've been cleaning up rogue bushes, scoping out the fencing situation and making sure everything's well-lit (particularly since I've already had a few “critter run-ins”…I practically jumped out of my skin when a raccoon, or possum, or something appeared in my path the very first night I spent here).

chicken coop

Why yes, we do have a chicken coop. I've promised Nate that we can get chickens just as soon as all of our other creatures – our new dog Kraken, Some Boy and the soon-to-arrive baby – start sleeping on a normal schedule. Sooo that'll be, what, a few years?

Country Boots

country boots

Anyway, back to my newest obsession. My country boots. I wanted something stylish and comfortable so that I could feel comfortable going straight from the farmlands out to run errands or meet a friend over coffee. This is my life. I need clothes and accessories that fit it…as well as me.

naturalizer boots

I actually wound up choosing a pair from Naturalizer. Yes, Naturalizer, the brand that made your grandma's favorite shoes when you were growing up. I giddily told my mother-in-law about the country boots I was waiting to come in the mail and she said, “Naturalizer? Doesn't Nana wear Naturalizer?” Yes, yes she does…because she's a very smart woman. These are the most comfortable dang shoes I have ever owned in my entire life. Grandma's onto something, guys. And as Grandma would say, “They're cute to boot!” I bought their Ora boots from the Fall 2012 line in this beautiful Camelot color that goes with everything. They fit perfectly. The company even makes these boots in a regular and wide calf option. For those of you with big, buff calves.

country life

Now with my country boots, I'm fully prepared for all the country chores this outback lifestyle has in store for me.

country boots

Random tidbit: Nate and I both couldn't stop smelling my shoes after they arrived. They have a leather upper and they smell SO good. It's like that new car smell, except for shoes.

I'm off to go jump in the leaves in my country boots now!

This post is sponsored by Naturalizer. All opinions are my own.