Ever since we met, Nate's been trying to get me to go workout with him and it always ends up the same: he runs faster/longer than me. He lifts stuff WAY out of my league and I feel totally intimidated. He tries to explain how to stretch things like my “pecs” and “glutes” and he usually loses me a few words in. He's been into fitness his whole life, whereas I typically think that watering the lawn is sufficient exercise. I've long been asking for some sort of “couples workout” tapes that we could both do. He laughs and hits the gym with his buddies. As if there would ever be a simple DVD series that we could both get something out of. Yeah. Right.

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Then, MET-Rx reached out to me about a new fitness program they developed. Called the MET-Rx 180 “Transforming Every Body” program, it's a results-oriented home fitness program for people of all fitness levels. Best of all, Frank Sepe, trainer to numerous pro athletes and basically known as a guru throughout the fitness community, was coming into San Diego to share the program with people like Nate and I. Nate's big on interviews, so I knew I could at least get him talking to Frank. Nate and Frank chatted for awhile about Frank's athletic and career background, while I asked how he pulled off the whole “family man” thing. Here's a guy with a wife and kid at home, a successful career AND he's in fantastic shape. Any program backed by him is one we're willing to at least try, especially if it has a customizable couples workout type of program that anyone can enjoy.

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MET-Rx initially started as a nutritional supplement intended to help prevent critically ill patients from losing muscle mass. The company has transformed into a top name in the fitness industry, sponsoring programs such as the World's Strongest Man competition. These people know fitness and are top performers, but have also seen a real need to create a comprehensive fitness program that everyone can benefit from. The MET-Rx 180 program includes everything needed to get started: 16 workouts on 12 DVDs (in a super-handy DVD sleeve so there aren't a zillion discs floating around), a workout ball and pump, resistance band, tape measure, skin calibrator kit, fitness guide, nutrition guide, product catalog, poster of exercises, 90-day workout tracker, online community membership and electronic subscription to Met-Rx magazine. For those more advanced worker-outers, I would recommend adding a set of light dumbbells (for the women) or heavy dumbbells (for the guys).

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The program focuses on getting in shape in three 30-day phases: conditioning, shaping and defining. The DVDs start with basic instructional tutorials before moving into workouts with complete warmups and instructions for people using workout balls plus either dumbbells or resistance bands. Nate and I are able to do the same steps right next to each other, with him lifting heavy dumbbells and me working it with my little bands – and we're both getting a great workout. The kickboxing is my favorite part – everyone needs a cardio workout like that! What I love most about the program is that not everyone looks like a bodybuilder in the DVDs. Body types of the numerous exercisers vary from slim to downright ripped, and I tend to focus on a woman who looks a bit like me before my two pregnancies (or what my potential could be after my two pregnancies with a bit of effort).

Want it? MET-Rx is offering our readers a special discount code to save on the purchase of MET-Rx 180. Use promo code MTXF612 at metrx180.com to save $20. The program is normally $119.95 plus shipping and handling, so the code makes it $99.95 plus shipping and handling. I look forward to hearing about your results (and if you used it individually or as a couple workout, like us)!

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