craft room

Huzzah, there is progress being made in the craft room! Remember our monumental spring organizing project that we were preparing for a couple weeks back?

craft room before

Yup, this room looked like that before. We yanked the big bed outta there (it's currently in limbo in the hallway) and swapped out a couple other furniture pieces in favor of these awesome craft hutches.

Craft Hutch Organization

craft hutch organization

Oh, glorious organization!

craft hutch

We searched for weeks…no, months…for the perfect craft hutches to fit this space. I scoured the interwebs, calling thrift shops and emailing Craigslisters about dimensions until we finally found the perfect towers. They're not going to remain this dark wood color, though. I'm thinking a bright pink or lime green is in order. Something festive to match the mood of the room.

bankers box

Anyway, once we had the perfect craft hutches it was time to find the perfect boxes to fit in them! My grandpa is an accountant and we grew up with Bankers Boxes EVERYWHERE, so I immediately thought of them for my storage needs. They fit perfectly, and they've come a long way since the 80's. These babies are extra-super-reinforced and sturdy, with plastic handles. Plus, I love the pretty pattern on the box and the fact that they have clear windows to see what's inside! Way better than the shoeboxes I usually resort to. Don't you love how this top light shines and makes everything look downright heavenly? It's like the little craft hutch angels are singing down on my scissored, yarny, ruler perfection.

bankers boxes

I love that I can simply pick my current craft and remove only the boxes I need for my project. No wasting time digging through a massive pile of stuff to find that little needle or sticker or embellishment I want.

hutches or china cabinets for craft organization

The whole layout of each hutch is shown here from top to bottom. The pretty Bankers Boxes are up top displayed in the glass area and the not-so-neat things like jewelry-making supplies and scrapbooking stuff are stashed down in the bottom cabinet.

The most surprising part was that all of these Bankers Boxes cost just around $86 (and there are even a few more holding fabric in the side closet!). Bankers Box is hosting a Messiest Closet Contest where people can enter to win a consultation with a professional organizer and receive up to $500 in Bankers Box Stackable Storage products. Five second place winners will also get $500 worth of Bankers Box products. Can you imagine how organized you would be with THAT much Bankers Box stuff? Seriously. I'm geeking out at the thought.

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Fellowes Bankers Boxes. I received product samples and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.