I know, I know, you all are dying to hear about Craftcation 2013. I'll save you the suspense and just tell you it was AMAZING! I'm still working to wrap my mind around everything that I learned. My brain actually kind of hurts. Can I just throw a bunch of photos at you and let them do the talking for me?


What am I saying? Of course I can. This is my blog. I can do whatever the heck I want!

block printing

I had the pleasure of volunteering with the most amazing crafter, Morgan, who was in charge of the block printing class.


I learned how to make soap!

diy light box

There was photography stuff. Lots of photography stuff.

homemade candles



And food. Gluten-free food that I could actually eat!


And drinks. You can't get a bunch of crafty types together without some drinks in the mix. They say it gets the creative juice flowing, right?

making bitters

I even learned how to make my own bitters and liquors.

adorable teddy bear

cute skirt at craftcation

I made new friends…

old friends

And ran into old ones.


My new pal Jen taught me how to crochet. I have a lot of practicing to do.


I got a kombucha kit and learned how to make my own healthy tea and skin creams.

leather working

There was leather-working, a topic I definitely plan to explore more about.

conference attendees
sewing at craftcation


making pickles

Pickle-making and sauerkraut. I learned so much from the incredible culinary genius Ernest Miller, and I even bought two of his specially-designed fermentation bottles. Kim chi, here I come.


starburst block quilt

thread sketching

Thread-sketching could easily become a new obsession.

improv sewing

ventura architecture

I lived near Ventura for a couple years in high school, but never had the chance to really see it and enjoy the beauty of this place before. It's grown in leaps and bounds in the last ten years.

ventura beach

nicole and delilah

I'm so appreciative that Nicole and Delilah started the entrepreneurial journey that led to Craftcation, and I look forward to volunteering and attending for many years to come!

wool felting

I'm definitely going to be trying some of my new skills at home and writing up some individual posts about my favorite new hobbies…just as soon as I have a chance to decompress a little bit. That was a lot to take in in four days.