craigslist bedroom set

Nate and I have been together seven years now, and we FINALLY got a real bedroom set! We scored this Craigslist bedroom set for $600.

craigslist bedroom

It's nice and sturdy, and I expect it'll last us a good ten or so years. The woman we bought it from claimed to have spent $10,000 on it! I say she's either lying or got ripped off, but that's neither here nor there. You meet some interesting characters on Craigslist. I took Nate's dad to help me lift and to make sure I didn't, ya know, get stabbed or anything. Tip #1 for buying a Craigslist bedroom set: bring someone tough with you!

side table

Nate was happy to finally get a bedside table. Now he can store all his manly stuff, like the scented candle he insists on burning before he goes to sleep every night. God, I love that guy.

craigslist armoire

And this is my big score: a bedside armoire! Since Nate wanted the dresser drawers for all his t-shirts, I get the armoire to stash all my important crap. Right now this thing's holding extra baby diapers, my FitBit, a frequent movie-watcher card and some dirty socks. I should probably try to organize someday.

Our Craigslist Bedroom


The piece I'm most thrilled about is the bed frame. It's nice and high so I feel like a princess when I sleep. It's a HUGE improvement over our last rickety metal set. Nate sat on the foot of the bed when we had that one, and the legs just snapped right out from under him! We couldn't afford a new frame at the time, so we've been sleeping on a slant for about six months.

cabinet handles

The cabinet and drawer handles are lightly brushed with paint to give it a slightly worn look. I love little accents like that.

distressed bedroom set

It has a little bit of intentional distressing…

chipped bedroom set

…and some unintentional distressing that we may or may not have caused when we were unloading it. Whoops.

craigslist bed set

I can't wait to get the walls painted gray! I think the light blonde wood of our Craigslist bedroom set will really pop then. Right now everything in the room seems to be about the same color and it all seems to kind of blend together.

PS: Can someone please remind me to put the bedskirt on already?