I recently moved offices at work and found myself with a bit more empty space than normal. Not one for filing cabinets and empty white boards (who needs all that functionality, anyway?), I looked for more inventive ways to decorate my office space. I discovered a magnetic board that's perfect for displaying some of our company's marketing work, but the magnets at Staples are kind of an eye sore. I glued some glass rocks to small magnets using basic craft glue, and it worked like a charm:


It's always nice to have family photos at the office – it gives you something to look at when you're not staring at the computer screen, while also serving as a subtle reminder to over-zealous bosses that you have a personal life to get back to (preferably in time for dinner!). The below photo board was easily made by wrapping black cloth around a foam board and stapling, then criss-crossing ribbons over the front and stapling in the back. I sewed the buttons on for decoration, but they aren't actually necessary to hold the photos on:


In case you were wondering, yes that IS a man-head superimposed on a baby-body at the bottom. And yes, that on the right is  a cat whose vital parts have been blacked out. Choose your own photo board pictures carefully…my co-workers fortunately have a sense of humor. Yours might not.

Slightly less-creative decorating options include plants (but go easy – no one wants to work in a jungle!) and framed artwork. A good idea is to hang artwork that relates to the theme of your job – this shows people that you're passionate about what you do. When I used to work for a travel company, I put up prints of interesting travel destinations, and they always served as good conversation-starters. NSK Wood also has some creative suggestions for revamping an old cork board or reworking tired file folders.