I'm in that season of life where everybody I know is getting married. One of my best friends from childhood just got engaged and I am SO excited for her because she and her fiancé are the perfect fit for each other. They have similar interests but enough separate passions to keep things fun. Is it weird for me to say I'm also REALLY forward to their union because they have incredible taste and I know it's bound to be the most gorgeous sight ever? The two met through their Ultimate Frisbee team, a sport they both love. I often hit up Target to find creative wedding gift combinations that highlight the potential life I see for a couple, so I had a ton of fun going to scope out some gifts for my newly-engaged pals.

Creative Wedding Gift Combinations: Be Yourself, Together!

pillows and cooler #targetwedding

The first pair I thought to put together was a pillow and a cooler. Perfect for the outdoor-lover and the homebody, this would have been an awesome gift for my friends Claire and Michael who got married last month. Claire told the funniest story about the first time she met Michael's family, when he dragged her on an outdoor expedition that involved waking up at the crack of dawn to eat nearly-raw trout. It's obvious she loves him a LOT.

kitchenaid and weights

How about a KitchenAid and some weights? This would be great for a baker and a bodybuilder. Come to think of it, this would be a good combo for Nate and I with my love of cooking and his active lifestyle.

Swiss Gear bag and boom box

Over in the travel aisle, I spotted the cutest Swiss gear bag that would be perfect for Amanda's on-the-road lifestyle. She travels a ton for work. But what to pair with it? I settled on an iHome, since I know Denis is really into music with a degree and a career in the music industry. See? They're awesome gifts separately but together, they show the real personality of the two.

Amanda and Denis are going to have to wait until their wedding next summer to see what I actually wind up gifting them. Like any good friends, they read my blog so I can't spoil their surprises! I'll confess that I actually snagged the gift above for myself. I've been spending a lot of time on the road lately and totally needed a new suitcase. Plus, it's easier for me to get work done with some relaxing tunes in the background.