what mom's date night looks like

Nate and I are incredibly selective about who we leave our children with. We've turned down quite a few opportunities to travel because we don't have a babysitter on-hand, and numerous parents have reached out looking for help with childcare issues. I don't really have an across-the-board answer that works for every situation. We only leave our little guys with trusted friends and family or experts in the field of child development who we have thoroughly grilled on CPR classes, first aid, driving record, etc.

This is why I don't get a whole lot of alone time.

sidekick baby

That being said, I think it's important for parents to find support to enhance their bonding time together and offer new enrichment opportunities to their family. I always encourage parents to seek out a trusted resource that offers this – be it a gym, parent group, church, library hangout, local meetup – and try to use those connections to experience new things as a family and arrange date night apart from the kids at least once a month.

Date Night with Bridges Connect

Date Night at Bridges Connect

If you're in the San Diego area, Bridges Connect in Mission Valley is an incredible place for families, offering research-based developmental guidance for children. They serve as a helping hand for parents who need anything from behavior analysis and childcare to a place to relax or take a dance class with their kids. They are entirely understanding of paranoid parents like myself (they have web cameras in the Kids Connect room! These people speak my language!) and have the certifications to prove that they know what they're doing. And their prices are completely reasonable.

Date Night at Bridges Connect

Bridges Connect is offering a date night experience for parents on March 21st from 6-9pm. Drop your kids off for an evening of fun while you get away to a movie or some quiet conversation, with peace of mind that EVERYTHING is under control. I highly recommend that you pre-register to reserve your spot, and visit ahead of time to put yourself at ease about the experience. You won't regret it.

Do you have a regular date night?