Wrapped white board

Every year, my office has a holiday decorating contest where everyone decorates their own office/cubicle/desk area (someone has even quietly been decorating the bathroom, but I'm not sure whose office THAT is!). You'd think it might be hard to come up with clever ideas for our (at most) eight-foot by eight-foot areas while still leaving room for filing cabinets, desks, and chairs, but I think we manage pretty well! Here's a peek into my office area, all done with stuff I found at Goodwill or had on hand at my house:

Holiday window shade/window blind

We sell window treatments, so I like to put various holiday-colored window treatments in a window looking into my office, depending on the time of year (it's what all the cool kids do!). I cut the letters out of craft paper with a stencil, and I used gift ribbon and a hole punch to complete the holiday banner. I also have windows looking out, which I plan to put some snowflakes or something on.

Holiday display

The placemats, decorative dishes and the zig-zag frame all came from Goodwill as well. The frame actually had six picture slots, but I cut off the last one since I couldn't think of a holiday word with six letters in it. I cut out the “MERRY” letters from craft paper, and the caramels I made the other day are going into the dishes (so that coworkers won't keep taking the lid off and giving me a disappointed look when they find an empty jar).

One of my coworkers wrapped his cubicle walls like a present, which I think was a really unique idea:

Holiday present-wrapped cubicle

Since I work at a home improvement company, we have tons of crafty-do-it-yourselfers on staff. Someone came up with this DIY ornament display using painted twigs and rocks. It's become a little lop-sided over the last couple days, but still pretty:

DIY holiday ornament display with twigs and rocks

The holiday party (and contest-judging) is on Thursday, so it'll be interesting to see what other decorating ideas everyone comes up with before then!