leatherman knife diamond sharp

To stick with the theme of this blog, “Someday I'll Learn,” I've decided to start doing more things on my own, at home. The thing is, I can only do “my take” on it. I have always thought it to be important for someone to know how to do a few things that could help them out in life. Mostly, it seems nowadays that these things are either taught in Boy Scouts or the military (unless for some reason you find yourself needing these particular skills in your regular trade).

smith's diamond knife sharpener

Today, I bring you my new skill: knife sharpening with a diamond knife sharpener. That’s right! I’m not going to take my knife to some geek in the mall that needed a summer job and was taught a crash course in metal shop. I believe that everyone (not just boys/men) should be able to sharpen a knife. After much research (thanks Mr. Youtube, a guy whose name sounds Japanese), I’ve settled on a method and device. I decided to go with the Smith Diamond Knife Sharpener.


diamond knife sharpener

This diamond knife sharpener is used mostly for things like pocket tools and medium sized field/hunting knives. NOT FOR AXES!!! It’s a very simple contraption that appears to have been inspired by my travel toothbrush from when I was seven years old. Like my toothbrush, this one is self-contained within its own handle. Very snazzy if you want to put it in a pack.

leatherman knife

I decided, after looking around my desk drawers, that I desperately needed to improve the sharpness of my Leatherman knife. I love this tool! It’s stainless steel, has lots of cool little accessories that I always need when I’m roleplaying as McGuiver, and just seems to make me feel 10% more manly when I strap it to my belt and walk into REI. I unfolded my knife and followed the instructions.

I didn’t know it was better to sharpen into the blade, as opposed to pulling the blade over the sharpening surface, but it seemed to work best. I think it kept burs from building up. I started on the “coarse” side and after a couple of passes switched to the “fine” side.

knife sharpened with diamond

Holy crap! This thing is a paper slicing machine now. And boxes. And tape. And rope. And whatever else I told Chelsea to hand me! I was harshly told to stop when I directed the now fine cutting blade that I renamed “Sting” (based on J.R. Tolken’s famous and fictitious literature) toward the arm of the couch. Hehe. Guess that’s a no no, even though I argued, “If I don’t try it, how will we know?”

I believe I have mastered knife sharpening. I give Smith’s Diamond Knife Sharpener an A+ for effectiveness and convenience when it comes to packing and travel.