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Dining out with toddlers can be a little bit like wrangling cats. We do alright with sit-down mealtime at home, but a series of restaurant meltdowns have led Nate and I to start being more proactive about preparing Some Boy for unfamiliar situations. A lot of our friends have had success dining out with toddlers by modeling behavior in and around their own house beforehand. Practice makes perfect!

Dining out with Toddlers: Practice with New Spaces, Cool Food

MIXIM yogurt

Obviously, to practice dining out with toddlers it's important to have them sit through a full meal with the family. We also change up the setting around the house so he gets used to using the same manners wherever we wind up eating: indoors, outdoors, bench seating, picnic tables, you name it. To encourage him to pay attention to his food, we pick one of his favorites anytime we're in a new setting. He is OBSESSED with greek yogurt, especially when we let him add mix-ins to make it fun.

mixim yogurt plate

Ehrmann MIXIM is a great fit for these meals because it comes in a container with segmented areas that include perfectly-paired mix-ins. The dark cherry and chocolate flavor can easily replace dessert. They're a family-owned company out of Germany and I love that all of their ingredients are totally natural. No weird preservatives or add-ins.

chocolate curls

Sometimes I sneak some of the add-in bits for myself while Some Boy downs the greek yogurt like it's goin outta style. Shhhhh, don't tell.

practice dining out with toddlers

It's adorable to watch him delicately mix all of the ingredients into his own little concoction. “Me cook, mama,” he says while sitting contently at our outdoor bistro table.

dining out with toddlers
Hello? I'm eating here. Mamarazzi much?

Practicing dining out with toddlers actually does pay off. We've had more successes in restaurants after making mealtime more of an “event.” If all else fails, you can just grab a MIXIM yogurt to stash in your bag on the way to the restaurant. I guarantee it'll keep them occupied at the table (or you can squeeze in a greek yogurt purse snack on-the-go. Whatever. I don't judge). Dining out with toddlers? Solved.

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How do your kids do when dining out?