We're still painting the exterior of the house, slowly but surely. I failed to anticipate how much pregnancy slows down manual tasks like painting (go figure) and then we inexplicably had a bout of rain here in early August. What GIVES with the San Diego weather lately?

Dip plastic items in paint for quick and easy, artsy party decor

We're also still working with Behr, and awhile back I tested and ordered an off-white Marquee color called Cameo White that I thought looked good for the trim. But once we actually got it up there, we realized it had a subtle greyish tint that didn't provide enough contrast against our grey exterior wall colors. Against that backdrop, it almost made our gutters look like they were made of plaster. We definitely need to go for a more pure white to accent those exterior home details.

dipping sunglasses in paint

In the meantime, though, I decided that I could use the color for some decor at an upcoming end-of-summer party I'm hosting. I fashioned a dip-stick from a wire hanger and gently floated some cheap-o sunglasses into the full bucket.

sunglasses dipped in paint look like they're made of plaster

The effect turned out perfect, almost like a talented artist hand-molded these from clay. I can't wait to show these babies off as part of a funky party centerpiece.

items drying

The key to getting decorative items to dry properly after dipping is to keep gently moving them across the drying surface every few minutes so you don't wind up with globby puddles drying at the bottom. I used the same stick to delicately drag them across the butcher paper, setting an alarm to remind myself to get up and do it.

dipping sandal in paint

I did also try to dip an old pair of sandals, but wasn't thrilled with the way they dried. It seems fabric/soft textiles don't lend well to house paint. Definitely stick with hard plastics if you decide to try this craft on your own.