dirty kitchen

Look at this kitchen. Disaster zone, right? Myeh, it happens. This is just one day of slacking in my home. If I don't take care of kitchen messes/dishes/packaging/etc the instant they appear, it all just piles into an out-of-control snowball effect of kitchen havoc. That's life. Somehow, after two kids, I've learned to live with a certain degree of clutter for a limited amount of time. And yet here I am, about to go on a rant about why I think dish towels are the most disgusting thing on the planet. How on earth can I justify that when I'm sitting in a space that looks like THIS?

dish towels for cleaning the kitchen

Here's the thing. Clutter happens. Dishes accumulate. They do get taken care of eventually, one way or another. It's certainly not like anyone in this house is walking up and grabbing one of those dirty dishes, plopping new food on it and eating off of it, right? God, let's hope not. But stuff like THIS beautiful picture above…this is a serious problem. I cannot handle grease, grime and dirt in my space. Can't do it. I have to scrub up these messes ASAP before they fester and starting growing stuff. Blech. Do you have any idea how many germs are probably lingering on this stovetop here? That there is spilled bacon grease, tuna juice, chicken blood, who knows what else. Salmonella, bacteria, contamination. Maybe it's a mom thing. This is the stuff that freaks me out.

dirty dish towels skeeve me out

But what REALLY gets me is when people scoop up an old wet washcloth from the bottom of their sink, run it over this mess and call it clean. And then they rinse tepid water through this fabric-bearer-of-death, toss it back in the ceramic container-of-contagion and do it all over again the next day. And if they're really living on the edge, they fling that same cloth over their plates to “pre-wash,” dangle it across their counters before chopping dinner on them, wipe them over the tables they eat on. Please, oh please, make it stop.¬†

bounty dish towels

Shortly after having my Some Boy (when my cleaning hang-up began), I found myself using a lot of wipes around the house. Baby wipes for the baby parts, obviously. Then I got these cool alcohol-free hand wipes for getting all the peanut butter and jelly out of his hands and hair and crevices after lunch. I use paper towels for normal clean-up and even pacifier wipes for on-the-go emergency binky meltdown prevention. We do also have our fair share of fabric wipes for big jobs where it's far more environmentally-friendly and practical to wash and reuse rags: burp cloths, car cleaning scraps, puppy training towels. Overall, I'd say wipes are key to keep things going around here. But I hadn't found a really efficient wipe for cleaning and scrubbing the nooks and crannies. I used to use paper towels, but they fell apart and I had to go through a TON of them to do a good job. So imagine my gleefully-dorky cleaning excitement when Bounty came out with their new DuraTowels. They have a cloth-like durability without all the dish cloth disgustingness.

disposable dish towels

These things are perfect for wiping up those gross germs. No more excessive paper towel dilemmas. No more dish towel disgustingness. This is the perfect balance of disposability and efficiency.

dirty dish towel

Germ crisis averted. And instead of wiping it around other areas of my kitchen, I can simply toss this dirty rag out in the compost. Have I convinced you to ditch your dish cloth? Learn more about these Bounty DuraTowels on Facebook and get your counters three times cleaner than a used dish towel can!

Do you have any particular cleaning obsessions, aversions or hangups?

This post is sponsored by Bounty. All opinions are my own.