Christmas spray

I hauled a bunch of branches home from Home Depot last weekend with the intention of creating a Christmas garland, but that quickly fell apart when I realized I have no idea how to make garland and nowhere to put one, anyway. New plan: Christmas spray! No, not the canned pine-scented stuff that you spray on fake trees to make them seem more lifelike. This is a simple decorative display made from a couple Christmas tree branches.

To make a Christmas spray, you’ll need:
At least two large Christmas tree branches (ideally cut from the bottom of a tree)
Twine or wire
Decorative accents, like bows, ornaments, holly sprigs, etc.

1) Trim excess twigs from the base of the branches so you're left with two clean, neatly trimmed Christmas tree branches.

christmas branch spray

2) Overlap the bases of the two Christmas tree branches by about six inches.

christmas spray

3) Secure the two branches together with twine or wire, adding in smaller tree branches to fill any empty holes or gaps in the Christmas spray.

christmas spray

4) Add a bow or other decorative elements to cover the twine or wire.

christmas spray

I mounted ours on the wall above our living room TV. And yes, Nate just about had a heart attack when he walked in to find his pregnant wife atop a step ladder dangling a twig above the 52″ LCD. I'm not sure if he was more worried about the pregnant wife or the TV.

I started hanging Christmas cards from our Christmas spray as they've arrived. It makes a nice display out of them while also covering some slightly sparse areas in our Christmas spray!