I can”t believe Easter is right around the corner. Stuffed bunnies, Easter baskets and jelly beans are popping up all over the stores lately. In an effort to not miss out on enjoying this Holiday I thought it would be fun to do an Easter craft and take a few pics of my girl.

DIY Easter photos prop

We recently scanned the dollar bin at Target and picked up a few goodies to make a craft. We grabbed these cute Easter egg foam shapes and felt flower stickers. We already had craft sticks, glue and tape at home so this little project only cost $2. It was super easy to make. Just follow the steps below.

Easter Photo Prop
1. Tape 2 egg pieces together on the back to form a solid egg. (If you don”t find the egg shapes you can cut these shapes out of square foam sheets.)
2. Glue 1 egg piece to the bottom of the solid egg.
3. Add the flower sticker on the top piece.
4. Glue or tape the craft stick to the back of the egg. Done!

DIY Easter photo prop

After we made our cute little Easter photo prop, we picked out a nice dress for the photos. This checkered black and white dress with yellow flowers was a great pick for my girl. As we were walking out the door to go take photos she saw her strawberry sunglasses and decided to bring those along. I thought it was a sweet addition.

DIY Easter photos

I have found a few tips for taking my own photos that I wanted to share how easy it can be.

DIY Easter Photos

1. Lighting – The best lighting I have found is outdoors. An overcast day is the best! A shaded area can also work well. I always look for a bright area without the glare.

2. Angle – When taking photos of my little one I like to get low to the ground. Being at her level and shooting her image straight on looks a lot better than looking down on her for these type of photos. I usually hold my camera (iPhone) parallel to her belly so I get an even shot.

3. Flexibility – I try not to be too strict when taking photos of my kiddo. I start out by trying to add the elements I need and work around the rest. For these images I really just wanted to show the egg prop, her cute dress and her personality. I originally had a pink sweater for her to wear on top (mainly because it was pretty chilly outside) but she refused. Who am I to complain? She looked adorable. I also just take a ton of photos and hope that a few turn out okay. Toddlers are always on the move so getting exactly what I am looking for doesn”t always work out. It usually ends up being better.

DIY Easter Photos

My family is always happy to get recent pics of my girl and I know they will love these. I hope you all have a crafty and happy Easter!