DIY Faucet Replacement

That's right, people. DIY faucet replacement. Translation: we messed with our home's plumbing system without a plumber. I was a little nervous about doing our kitchen's faucet replacement on our own, but our previous faucet was getting really out of control. And to be honest, our plumber seems eternally stoned…I figured if he could do it, how hard can it really be?

faucet replacement

This is the previous faucet mid-disassembling. The hose in the extender head was poorly connected and had started leaking backwards, resulting in everything under the sink getting soaking wet. On top of that, the water pressure inexplicably dropped to next to nothing when we turned it on hot. Not very convenient for doing dishes.

faucet replacement tools

Danze offered to send over a faucet for us to review (great timing!), and we selected the Prince Single Handle Pull-Out faucet in chrome. I was pretty impressed at how few tools were required for this faucet replacement job. I dug through the toolbox for a few simple items we already had, like the wrenches, pliers and screwdriver. Everything else came with the kit, aside from some water tubes and pipe tape we picked up at Home Depot. To be honest, the pipe tape didn't even get used. I could've used the pre-existing tubes from the other faucet, but they were oddly attached to the faucet system itself and didn't seem to be removable. Plus, I thought that part of our water pressure issue might have been in the piping, so I wanted to start from scratch.

DIY faucet replacement

Before installing the new faucet, we had to get rid of the old one. Here I am, hormonal pregnant woman attempting to decode a poorly-installed plumbing system. I had to get Nate's help with this one. Apparently, the very first step was to turn off the water to the entire house so that the hoses would STOP spraying me in the face every time I attempted to disconnect them. Oops. Then, it's a good idea to turn the faucet on briefly to release any built-up water that may be causing pressure in the pipes.

The Faucet Replacement Process

faucet replacement turning off the water

After turning off the main water line, I turned a knob to shut off the hot water…

DIY faucet replacement

…and then the cold.

faucet replacement

This is a nice close-up shot of what we're dealing with under our sink. And of course, no lighting…hence the crappy pictures. Every time I try to get into the inner workings of our house, I'm pretty much mortified. Thank God it's a rental, so this is technically someone else's problem.

sink faucet replacement

As I mentioned, by far the trickiest part of this whole thing was un-installing the pre-existing faucet. Once I figured out that I had to disconnect this entire coupling part from under the sink, it was a breeze to unhook the hoses from the connectors and pull the whole faucet out through the top. Then I simply dropped in the new faucet through the coupler, screwed it back in, and hooked the hot water to the hot water pipe and the cold to the cold water pipe.

DIY Faucet Replacement

Voila! Isn't it beautiful? All of Danze's products are really sleek and modern. I like the single handle system so I can easily switch from hot to cold and turn it off with one turn. Danze has a lot of pretty home inspiration pictures over on Pinterest, and they also share a lot of great photos on Twitter and Facebook.

kitchen faucet replacement

It has an adjustable stream for a steady flow or spray, plus a detached head so I can spray down the sink with it. Bonus: it doesn't leak like the last one, so we can actually use the space under our sink now!

easy faucet replacement

Look at that! Full speed running water, even on hot. I can actually wash my hands and stuff.

Have you ever tackled a home improvement project that seemed daunting at first? Are you glad you did it?

This post is sponsored by Danze. All opinions are my own.