We decided to make DIY bridesmaid wedding jewelry so that each of the bridesmaids' jewelry would be slightly different. I have a weird disdain for all things matching – I'm pretty sure it dates back to when my mom made my sister and I wear duplicate themed outfits every single holiday. All the bridesmaids' bracelets and earrings have the same beads (ordered from Fire Mountain Gems), but each jewelry set is slightly different.

DIY bridesmaid jewelry

This project looks intimidating and does take a bit of time, but it's pretty simple with just two basic beading techniques as the foundation.

How to Make Bridesmaid Jewelry

  • You'll need: 
    • Earring hooks
    • Jump loops of varying sizes (these are the metal circles that loop through each other to form a chain)
    • Bracelet clasps
    • Metal circles (for the set with the earrings sitting in metal circles)
    • Metal ovals (for the set with the earrings sitting in metal ovals)
    • Head pins (for stringing through earrings)
    • 20 gauge wire (for wire-wrapped beads)
    • Pliers (roundnose, chain nose AND needlenose pliers are helpful for precise loops, but I've made loops with any of the above)

1) The basic pattern of each bracelet is three interlooped jump rings (directions for opening jump rings are available at Fusion Beads), followed by a bead with a simple loop on each end. I like to use a head pin with the top trimmed off for loops, but you can also use a section of 20 gauge wire.

2) Repeat the above pattern until you reach the correct length for your bracelet, and then use a small jump loop to add a bracelet clasp to one end.

3) Earrings are all created similarly to the bracelets, with the head pin looping through the beads and onto the earring hooks.

Metal Oval variation: simply loop a metal oval through the jump loops on each end of the bead with simple loops, so that the metal oval is spanning the length of each bead as pictured.

Metal Circle Variation: place the bead through the metal circle so that the holes of the bead and metal circle line up. String the wire through the holes of the metal circle and bead, then finish the simple loops and continue the bracelet as normal.

Wire-wrapped beads: The wire-wrapped bracelet and earrings are the most difficult of the set, requiring a little trial and error with the wire and pliers. Instructions for wire-wrapped beads are available at Fusion Beads. After being wrapped, the beads are incorporated into the bracelets as normal.

Our DIY bridesmaid jewelry was a total hit at the wedding. The beads I chose were a bit chunkier than what I'd normally like, but I thought they worked really well as a bright, fun accent to the bridesmaids' simple black dresses.