Last week I hosted a little wine tasting dinner party for a few friends. I had all the wines ready, the food prepped and most of the decorations together. I realized last minute that I wanted a centerpiece with a pop of color. I didn't have much time left but I knew I wanted to do something with the extra ball jars I had in my cabinet. Then I saw the giant bowl of lemons my dad had brought over earlier that week and the idea struck.


I had seen people add lemon and lime slices to vases at weddings and thought the idea was super cute. I wanted to go off that idea but obviously not as elaborate as a wedding centerpiece. I kept it as simple as I could and really didn't have much more time.

Easy DIY Centerpieces With Lemons

Easy DIY Lemon Centerpieces

Ball Jars

How To:
I used about 4 small lemons for each jar. I sliced 3 of the lemons in thirds and the last lemon into slices to give it a little variety. Then I took all the slices and pushed them into the jar. I tried to get most of the edges pressed up against the side of the jar. Once the jar was full of lemons I added water to the top and screwed on the lid. I decided to keep it simple and only add a bit of twine to the top. I wrapped the twine around once and tied a knot then wrapped it around 3 more times with one additional knot. I cut the ends of the twine off for the finished product. I repeated these steps until I had 3 large ball jars of lemons and then I made a small jar.

Easy DIY Centerpieces With Lemons

The jars of lemons really added that pop of color that I was looking for. These were perfect for the wine party I was hosting because I was trying to keep it simple, fun and natural.

Easy DIY Centerpieces With Lemons
Photos by Jessica Hammond

If you are looking for a little more flare you could add more ribbons, fabric or buttons to the outside of the jars. You could also leave the lids off and add a few flowers to the top for taller centerpieces.