beach time

Our Labor Day Visitors

Did you all have a fun holiday weekend? We were busy as ever with friends visiting from up near Portland. They wanted to take advantage of an easy picnic in the sunny weather, so we all headed over to the beach to soak up the last rays of summer.

beach picnic

Crystal, Jeremy and their 8-month-old little guy have been in town for almost a week now, and we've been running all over the place. We've done Balboa Park, the Gaslamp District, Julian, the observatory and more. I sent them off to Disneyland today so I could sleep!

Some Boy's easy picnic

An Easy Picnic Tip

With all this running around, I always try to pack snacks for easy picnics on the go. Otherwise, we spend a dang fortune on eating out at restaurants. I usually freeze those baby food pouches so that Some Boy has a nice little meal later in the day (and it keeps our sandwiches cold), but we ran out and I haven't been able to get to the store. I was going to grab an ice pack for the sandwiches when I reached in the cooler and remembered that Arbor Mist sent over some frozen wine cocktail pouches. Perfect!

easy picnic tip

I've been out of the wine and alcohol “loop” for awhile having been pregnant or breastfeeding for the last two years, but I'm told these are the latest and greatest. You just freeze them, then shake them up and pour in a glass for a quick wine cooler. I'll admit, I'm pretty excited at the prospect of giving them a try after this baby pops out in a couple months…mostly because the flavors sound awesomely tempting. Blackberry Merlot, Strawberry White Zinfandel, and White Pear Pinot Grigio. They're like a fancy pants grown-up version of Mike's Hard Lemonade. All the cool kids are doing it now. I threw a few of these in the cooler for all the non-pregnant people to enjoy at the beach and they were the hit of the day. Everyone asked for more when we got back home that night. Plus, it kept all our food chilled. Win, win. I'm totally going to be using this easy picnic tip in the future, particularly when Some Boy outgrows those baby food pouches!

Do you have any easy picnic tips to share?

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