end of summer traditions

Every family has their own end of summer traditions. Some camp, some go to the beach, others take a last-minute vacation or barbecue with friends.

Nate and I? We sit at home and watch TV.

Since we're kind of cheap and really busy, we don't have a a cable subscription (nope, not even basic!). We save the TV watching for specials we record up at Oma and Opa's house, Netflix DVDs and the occasional online streaming session. The end of summer is the one time of year you'll find us glued to the set in our end of summer TV marathon. You see, August is when our few favorite shows release their boxed sets, and that's when we get all caught up on everything we missed the season prior. It's a Dexter/How I Met Your Mother/Office/Castle/Modern Family/30 Rock festival, and it happens miraculously in just a matter of sleepless days.

end of summer TV

The gear required for this festival is simple: popcorn and ice cream or other snacks, Clear American sparkling water (we used to drink soda during this marathon-of-awesomeness but we've switch to Clear American because it's less fattening and tastes better), TV shows and our favorite old sweat pants/boxers/ratty old sports bra. We're setting the scene for some true romance here, people.

end of summer tv

This is the first year that Some Boy has been around to join in the end of summer festivities, but he got the hang of it quickly. He actually really enjoys TV! A little too much, if you ask me. He babbles endlessly to the screen. I'm pretty sure he thinks that the characters on television are real people and he has some sort of ongoing dialogue going with them. I don't have the heart to tell him they can't actually hear him. That would be like taking away the Easter bunny!

What are your family's end of summer traditions? And are there any really good shows we're missing out on?

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