I often get so busy in the day-to-day hustle of life that I forget to take notice of life's little moments. They are there everyday. Little bits of joy. Moments of pure beauty. Happiness. Sometimes it really just takes getting away from everything to remember these key facts of life. 

Enjoying Life's Little Moments #Enjoythelittlethings

I recently headed to the desert to visit with family and get out of the city. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE my city (San Diego) but a break from the hustle is key to keeping our home afloat. We were only gone for two nights and that is really all my mind needed for a little refresher. I needed to close down my computer, get out of the non-stop, chore-filled home and breath the fresh air.

Enjoying Life's Little Moments

My kiddo and hubby needed a break too. I don't know why we can't seem to figure out how to take real breaks and time away while at home. There is just something about nature that does the trick. There is a sense of peace that fills my body when I can look around and see nothing but blue sky's, mountains and dirt.

I love to watch my kiddo play outside. She can find so much to do with sticks, rocks and leaves and it seems to entertain her longer than sitting inside with toys all the time. These are the moments to cherish. The moments where technology hasn't taken over. The moments where all you need is love, earth and well-being. Those are my favorite moments. 

Enjoying Life's Little Moments

Since our little trip to the desert I have been making more time for us to get outside. We have gone to the park and played in the backyard more. I try to separate work from being a mom which is often very had to do while working from home. I try to set certain times of day where my kiddo can play on her own and time for me to play with her. I'm looking forward to our next road trip and reminding myself to always enjoy life's little moments.

What are your favorite little moments of life?