I still haven't bought myself an iPad or iPad Mini because I am absolutely determined that I'll win one sooner or later. There are always a ton of awesome giveaways going on with these as prizes…I have three friends who've won iPads in the last couple months! It's gonna be my turn soon, I can feel it.

Jenny and Ivan

I'm helping promote an iPad Mini giveaway from Jenny Tsa & Ivan Lai, cruise planners from www.FunCruisesForYou.com. Jenny and Ivan help hook travelers up with the best travel plans, and don't charge a fee for their services. I actually used to work in the marketing department for a travel company (I know, you learn something new about me every day, huh?) and was constantly amazed at the deals that travel agents are able to score for their customers. Travel agents typically earn their living through commissions, but they get discounts based on their sales volume and that's how they're able to pass awesome deals on to their customers.

iPad Mini giveaway

Entry for the iPad Mini giveaway is super easy through Facebook, and you'll get an additional 5 entries for each friend you refer! The giveaway will be held as soon as they get 500 fans, so hurry on over and enter now.

This post is sponsored by Jenny Tsa & Ivan Lai – Cruise Planners (www.FunCruisesForYou.com).