Telling an epic story #MakeitEpic

You may have noticed that we spend a lot of time on Instagram. I'd say it's because we're epic storytellers through visual medium and people are lining up to showcase our photographs in the Smithsonian…but mostly it's because we're lazy. Want to know a secret? Telling an epic story with a picture is a WHOLE lot easier than laying it all out in text.

All it takes is the right tools and a little bit of pacing.

5 Critical Components of an Epic Story

first groom then adventure #MakeItEpic

1. Build up. Share behind-the-scenes sneak peeks. Before I left for Oregon earlier this week, I showed myself getting ready with my new Schick Hydro®. Showing your transition from everyday moments to unique adventures can help build excitement.

Telling an epic story with the boys #MakeitEpic

2. Set the mood. Filters are a good way to apply a recognizable personality to your photos. The way I shoot and edit my pictures tends to leave them with a gritty, sexy feel (much like myself, if I do say so…myself…). Chelsea's photos also reflect her unique traits, usually bright and open but occasionally flipping the switch over to dark and rough (you don't want to be around her when she's snapping those ones).

What are you rebelling against #MakeItEpic

3. Ask a question. Make it a shareable meme question to get the conversation going. We use the Studio app to apply different looks and overlay text onto our photos.

4. Engage. In real life, you wouldn't pose a head-scratcher to a room full of people and then bail, would you? Yeah. Don't do that online either. Stick around and converse a little.

5. Balance real-life and aspiration. If all you post are perfectly-framed shots of designer shoes and plated food and sun-haloed-behind-your-head about-to-jump-out-of-an-airplane moments, people will eventually get bored of your painfully-curated and vapid life. Show that you're an actual human being.

Shaving, for example, may not typically be an EPIC fragment of your day. But a little creativity and the Studio app can help you add flair and a dramatic edge to show how the little moments become part of the big picture. Unless you're rappelling from a helicopter on a rope and kicking a shark in the nose while firing an RPG, a single photo isn't necessarily going be epic. But you can use a series of photos to build an epic story!

What's the go-to way that you tell YOUR epic story?