breakfast at tiffany luxury

I've always been a bit of a tomboy. I don't wear pink, curl my hair or even put makeup on every day. Once in a while, however, a sappy movie comes along that tugs at my inner girly-heartstrings and makes the rational me fly out the window. Breakfast at Tiffany's has always this affect on me. So when I was invited to actually have breakfast at Tiffany last week, my inner Holly Golightly leapt at the chance to hang out with some of my favorite bloggers and be pampered with diamonds and mimosas (er, orange juice for me!) for a couple hours.

essential luxuries tiffany

There's Hip Mama B showing off her jewels, and I love the Tiffany Key that Hip Mom's wearing. Yeah, they're both pretty hip! And while I'm on the subject of things I love…the uber-helpful jewelry man told me that fathers are supposed to reward new mothers with something called a “push gift” after she delivers their child. I'm sure Nate will be thrilled to hear about THAT!

tiffany luxury

The event reminded me that it's really necessary to take time and pamper yourself every once in a while and treat yourself to an occasional luxury. I happen to believe that every woman should own a pair of real diamond earrings. I also think every man should have a nice, properly-fitted suit. Actually, there are a LOT of things I think men should have, but that's not the point. There are certain necessities for a woman – no matter how much of a tomboy she may be – and if you're a woman reading this who doesn't have them…well, you should.

Here's my list of essential luxuries, in no particular order:

  1. Real diamond earrings
  2. A versatile black dress
  3. Good tweezers
  4. An excellent hairstylist
  5. Someone you can bawl your eyes out in front of, who won't judge you
  6. Knowledge of at least five recipes you wouldn't hesitate to serve to guests
  7. A really nice exercise outfit
  8. The ability to throw a crushing punch
  9. A purse that you absolutely cherish
  10. A comfortable pillow

I know these don't all seem like luxuries, but they are to me. They're either expensive (diamonds), difficult to find (hairstylist), time-consuming to learn (a good punch takes practice), or hard to keep around (I swear en evil elf keeps walking off with my good tweezers).

What essential luxuries can't you live without? What would you add to this list?